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Common Reasons We Feel a Strong Need to Change Genders

Along with the mental condition that causes us to need to manifest an alternative gender, there’s a number of social & personal influences that tend to make us want to go further.

If you’ve already spent years crossdressing and going out in public? It’s not uncommon to feel a strong desire to transition, by default.

I call this “transitionitis”.
Transition-itis Symptoms

I hate “removing” the girl

A common motivating factor is the despair following removing your female get-up & transforming back to your male self. Every part-time trans-girl knows and hates this moment. Sometimes makes you want to cry, no? Having to take her off can be so depressing - don’t want the fairy tale to end. It’s only natural you would consider keeping this imagery alive forever.
Survival Tip 

Resolving this frustration is akin to a person learning to love their body if overweight. You must learn to look past the outward image and see the girl beneath your reflection 24/7. Make no mistake: this is a valuable life skill, regardless - particularly if you go further with transition since you’ll face conditions that make you feel “ugly”.

Learning to adore yourself: 
just the way you are - is one of life’s greatest lessons.

I Want to be Prettier

Another common trap is wanting to go further because we want to be with gender “prettier”.
Early on, I never worried a great deal over trying to look extra pretty - accepted my lot amongst t-girl mediocrity and just tried enjoying spending more time as a girl. Later, I found myself scrutinizing every flaw - and hating it. I even got sensitive to even minor comments regarding my beauty - or lackthereof. 
Survival Tip 
Being pretty is a trap: there’s no way to “win”. Most women obsessed with beauty become ugly on the inside. My suggestion? Focus on trying to become a beautiful female soul - the sort of caring, good listener every man or woman loves to be around.

In the end?

That will make you prettier than your wildest dreams. 

I Want Real Breasts!

Okay, I’m completely with you on this one. There’s not a part-time trans girl on the planet that doesn’t dream of having her own full-sized breasts: goes with the turf: clothes fit better, cleavage is easy to achieve and it's 
totally female.

Survival Tip 

I became very skilled at providing the illusion of C-Cups from zero flesh just by shading & using tape. Adding breasts is a monumental life change. If and when you successfully transition to full-time - you’ll take down this vision. 

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