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#Transgender: #Transfemme of the modern man. #tgirl #transsexual #trangender

When a person consciously tries to become more feminine, it is usually referred to as feminization. Depending on the use, it can have several definitions.

In biology, feminization is described as a natural process which occurs in most species of animals. It has been known that some fish can become female when there are no females in their group. 

The feminization process that occurs here is for evolutionary purposes.

Matriarchy is hardly ever mentioned in our history books. Yet its nurturing dominance can be found practically everywhere in the animal kingdom where expressions of natural femininity is undisturbed by male dominance, especially in the phylum of elephants and hyenas. 

Where would life be without the motherly instincts to protect, love and nurture offspring, which is so gracefully displayed by the feminine?

The newly feminized man will escape the yoke and burden of masculine role-play. Emotional expressions will be liberated and feminine phobia will disappear. Resting when he's weary, accepting support when he's weak and crying when he's in pain will be the norms of manhood. 

Spirituality will exalt the male's level of consciousness and his vision of feminine beauty will penetrate far beyond the female's physical appearance. The newly feminized male and the newly feminized female will both experience the reality of soul relating. 

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