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Married and received Anal sex from a #Transsexual. #Gay?

From the Mail Bag:

A male  age 36-40, anonymous writes:
I am what I consider to be a straight man. 36 yo. 

When I was 30 I let a tranny give me a bj outside of a bar. She wanted to take me home and perform anal sex on me. I didn't but it sparked a dormant feeling that I might like it. A year ago while in a relationship with a beautiful woman I began checking out craigslist. I corresponded for months with lots of people.

I ended meeting a tranny and I let her perform anal on me. It felt kinda good but I knew it wasn't for me. But I continued talking to people online. My wife found the emails and it all blew up. I did not want to admit to anything and did what I could to deny everything. I knew everything she read made me seem gay. Or at least bi. 

I don't believe I am gay but the things I wrote would defiantly point in that direction. I finally admitted to everything. No more secrets. We are trying to work things out. We have a new baby also. It's been a year and I don't do anything like that anymore.

How normal is what I did?

Am I gay?

Answer from a reader:

No he's not gay or bisexual. He is in fact straight.
He's perfectly able to be interested in a transgender woman and even receive anal sex from them and like it and be 100% straight.

Straight males can enjoy anal sex too. Many do from strap-ons from their own girlfriends or wives. It is not a gay or bisexual activity.
Transgender women are women and if what attracted you to them was their femininity and you're not aroused by actual men then you can consider yourself 100% straight.
Genitalia or chromosomes alone do not define someone's sex. Trans women physiological and phenotypically are women. Phenotypically meaning that their characteristics and physical attributes are that of a woman.

Many natural born women, believe it or not, actually can be genetically male having been born with XY chromosomes but like trans-women, mentally, physiological and phenotypically they are women and that's what really matters.

So let's look at the picture:
You enjoy anal simulation, don't like men and are attracted to women whether they be trans or cis-gender. You are straight, just open minded and willing to try out different sexual experiences and there's nothing wrong with that.

So folks, what do you think??

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