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#Transsexual: The Gift of being #Transgendered

I am always been taken back by girls who profess being tg is like having a curse. I believe being transgendered is perhaps the most precious gift you will receive in the course of your life. I've always had trouble accepting gifts. It took me a while to embrace this one. I hope you're smarter than I was. 

The most obvious reason is the fact you'll be in a position to experience the sensuality of both sexes.  You'll enjoy the intensity and eroticism most easily apprehended by your male side, and the sensitivity and real passion that only a woman can understand. That combination is very special. 

One benefit that is often overlooked, is how it tends to make us non-prejudicial. I never felt I was judgmental before embracing my transgenderism. I can assure you, I am not now. Learning to appreciate people are born with traits different from our own - which they cannot change even if they so desired - can be a whole new beginning for many individuals. It makes life so much more fun. 

Another benefit? The ability to appreciate even the simplest of feminine frustrations is heightened immensely. We finally comprehend why you can't wear the same dress, in front of the same crowd - more than once! 

I could go on and on. Each of us appreciates this gift in different ways. However, it is very important to recognize your transgenderism as a gift - if you are going to enjoy it. 

Ah, the hassles that come with the gift of being transgender

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