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#Transsexual: Daily Living

For me, it is even more thrill to go out in public as a man in dress (heels, nylons, makeup …:)).

Not that I do not like to pass fully. However, as you rightly point it out it is not very easy and possible all the time.
Besides, many GGs do not look nice or feminine due to their deportment, temperament, mood, upraising. A crossdresser (me!) should be much more pleasant appearance if well tempered and well aligned even if obviously being a male. At least to a normal, balanced person.

My limited experience proves what you say that most people do not care or make fuss. Basically, the only relatively consistent group of people who react in a negative and sometimes unpleasant way are teenage girls.

As a rule, as if having a “TG radar” they would “look through” me regardless how good am I in that moment in passing as a woman. They usually whisper and point their fingers or throw glances, giggle, sometimes frown. I was lucky that this was the worst that happened to me, but still is never pleasant. I always have a feeling they might become aggressive if I stay around for too long.

And I still haven’t developed my reaction towards them that would make me feel secure and safe. So far, I just ignore them, show them that I noticed them but pretend there is nothing to notice and try to go on my business. But I do not feel at ease nor do I look forward to such encounters.

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