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#Transgender: Your #Femininity Is Powerful

Recognize That Your Femininity Is Powerful

I believe people can be envious of feminine gay men, because we stand strong, loud and proud, in a world that has historically, and continues to, try to silence people like us.

People see our shamelessness and bravery, and instead of learning from this power they attempt to soak it in ill-conceived theories about what our gender expression says about our morality, worth, and humanity.

Regardless of what they say, remember that we are three-dimensional human beings with a heart, brain, and soul like theirs.

It’s more than just envy and jealousy, however.

Anti-femme sentiments and misogyny play are the dominant precursors of anti-feminine gay male behaviors.

As you probably know, society doesn’t respect women. Society simultaneously loves the heteronormative value that dictates that femininity is for women. So because society doesn't respect women, it doesn't respect femininity.

On the other hand, society respects men and what it assumes as male related things like “masculinity.” Society wants men that “act like men.”

Because men are limited to a usually very toxic performance of masculinity as the default gender expression, they are prevented from exploring a full range of expressions – which is where the non-unpacked jealousy of feminine gay men comes from.

Regardless of what they say, your femininity is liberation and your femininity is powerful.

You do what men are told not to, and what so many wish they could.

Going against the grain, and standing out from the group, is what separates the leaders from the followers.

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