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#Transgender: Passing in Public #Crossdresser #transsexual #tgirl #transwoman #tranny

I don’t think I’ve ever been fully a man. But maybe an inbetweener that likes to be both in a non sexual manner. I recently watched “the Danish girl” and I was shortly reminded how thrilling it was one time when nobody truly thought I was what I was. 

I dressed casually but pretty. With my skinny appearance, makeup, high heels and a coat to cover my dress that also dimmed down my otherwise masculine features.
I usually avoid the possibility of having to walk alone as most of us know it can be pretty dangerous around the wrong alleys. this time though I had no choice and had to get home by myself via the subway stations, I thought to myself I could very well be stabbed at any given moment. 

I put on my rather large sunglasses and somehow I wasn’t even noticed. That was singularily the best experience I’ve had in my entire life, considering that no matter how I dressed at other times I’d have children ask me if I was a boy or a girl, never really felt like I fit in with a gender.

 But it was nice to actually feel normal, even for a moment.
If I can pass, so can you. That’s what I believe now xD

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