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#Transwoman: #Feminine Body Language Secrets – Part 2

Wow, last week’s blog post on feminine body language struck a nerve. Thanks for all the great comments and extra suggestions, girls!

There are 4 critical elements of body language:

  •     Posture
  •     Gestures
  •     Facial expressions
  •     Eye contact

Remember, body language counts for over 50% of what you are communicating, so this is a huge part of your feminine image.

Here are DO’s and DON’Ts of mastering the other 3 elements of body language (plus some pics of me doing a little modeling for ya.):

1. Gestures

Women tend to be more expressive with their gestures than men. Next time you’re out, notice how women use their hands and bodies to express ideas when they talk.

    DO use your hands to emphasize what you are saying, but don’t overdo it. Check out GG’s for the correct balance.
    DON’T make jerky or clumsy movements. Slowing down your gestures makes you look confident and in control. Keep your elbows in and practice slow, smooth movements.
    DON’T fidget. Avoid nervous movements like twirling your hair, shaking your leg, or peeling the labels off your beer bottles.

DON’T fidget nervously or twirl your hair    DO practice slow, smooth movements with elbows in

2. Facial expressions

The expressions you make say as much as the words that come out of your mouth. If you’re feeling nervous, it’s easy for this to be reflected on your face. On the other hand, pleasant facial expressions put people at ease and help you blend in and get the respect and acceptance you deserve.

    DON’T wear a stoic expression. What feels “neutral” to you may come across as grumpy to others.
    DO put on a pleasant face. Keep the corners of your mouth turned slightly up at all times.
    DO greet clerks, waiters, and people you meet with a smile – even if they’re strangers. Everybody loves a smile.

DON’T look stoic    DO smile!

3. Eye contact

Eye contact is a major way to gauge a person’s personality. People who don’t make eye contact appear insecure or as if they are hiding something. People who look you in the eye appear confident and sincere.

    DON’T avoid people’s eyes. You know that confidence is half the battle to passing – so look people in the eye and show them that you’re a confident women.
    DO make eye contact and hold it for a second or two. (But not too long unless you want people to think you are trying to seduce or intimidate them!)

So what do you think? What are YOUR secrets for feminine gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me your comments below!


Angel Bea

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