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Is it too much to ask for the men in our lives to take dance lessons with us? Can we ever go to a "chick flick" without hearing sighs of boredom? All of these struggles leave us wondering if men are capable of tapping into their sensitive sides. How can we feminize a man without the frustration?
Keep the list short. Start with one sensitive thing at a time, and try to keep it easy. He won't be happy about sitting through a two hour drama, so find something that will be enjoyable for him too. His eyes will not roll to the back of his head if it has some action.

Make it fifty-fifty. If you don't like action movies or movies with a mentality of a twelve year old, then don't expect him to be so cooperative of tear-jerkers. There has to be some meeting of the middle or no one feels they are getting their needs met. Men and women don't need to have the same interests. Pick out one or two things to do together and the rest you can do with friends.

If you wish for it, you might just get it. Make sure you are not trying to make him too feminine or sensitive. You have only yourself to blame if he starts crying at every beer commercial.

Most men just don't have it. As hard as you try, men are not capable of being completely sensitive. They have testosterone more then estrogen, so it may be physically impossible. However, every man has some sensitivity to them, but they express it by being protectors and providers.
Finally, most men are raised differently and cannot be changed. Generally, women are raised with a more sensitive and feminine mentality. Women cannot be changed anymore then men can. 

We may be asking too much of men to expect them to be sensitive and feminine on the level that women were raised to be.

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