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#Feminization: Dressing up as a #Woman. #sissy #feminize

You’re considering trying out crossdressing then I’ll to give you the push you need to dive into the world of feminine garments. There are loads of places where you can buy women’s clothes discretely so that shouldn’t stop you. You’re probably curious what all the hype is for and why so many guys are crazy about wearing women’s clothes. And a part of you is wondering what it might be like just to try it once when nobody’s looking. If you’ve never tried it, go ahead and get a dress and try it right now. 

Don’t be afraid

There’s nothing to worry about. You’re just trying on some clothes and you can immediately take them off if you don’t like it. Nobody ever has to find out so there’s nothing to loose. You won’t awaken anything that isn’t already inside you and you’re not going to turn gay or anything like that either. It’s harmless to you and harmless to the world. Just be careful not to get caught if you want to keep it secret.

Who’s forbidding you to cross dress?

Life is really very short and before you know it, it’s all over (sorry I had to say that). You can make the best of it while it lasts so why leave a stone unturned? Why not try everything that might be fun and exciting. Would you really let other people decide for you what your experience in life will be and limit your horizon to suit them? 

I bet, if the crowd told you, that you couldn’t visit the north part of your town “because it’s weird” you’d tell them to get lost and go there on purpose just to show them how free you are. Same deal with clothes. I always admire men and women who dare to wear what they want in spite of the pressure to conform. It’s a sign of true freedom and courage and I particularly have a soft spot for crossdressers.

Go and be a girl just for a few minutes!

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