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#Ladyboys: the difference between #Thailand and #Philippines #transgender

By Matt Jones

I Love Asian ladyboys. As a matter of fact, my girlfriend Anne is a Filipino Ladyboy. Currently we are living together in Manila, Philippines. I always dreamed of having an Asian ladyboy girlfriend, and when I met Anne I felt like I won the lottery. She is the girl of my dreams, she is petite, she has smooth brown skin, she has black hair and she has a cute face. And what I love the most about my girlfriend is that she has this positive attitude, she keeps on smiling and she knows how to make me laugh. She is very carring in all ways; she makes coffee for me, she sometimes cook my favourite Filipino dish Pork Adobo, and at night she gives me very good massage. That’s what Anne calls “TLC” (stands for Tender Loving Care) and it’s a Filipino cultural thing here: women are tender and loving, and so are ladyboys.

Ladyboys in Thailand

There are two famous countries in Asia that you should know that offer a variety of choices for finding stunning ladyboys, namely: Thailand and Philippines. Although there are other countries where you can find ladyboys like Vietnam, Laos and Singapore… let’s just focus on these two countries because they have the biggest population in terms of ladyboys, so you can have an idea where it’s easier to find your lovely Asian ladyboy girlfriend.

Thailand is one widely visited country by tourists in South East Asia. It is famous because of its beautiful beaches, exotic food and most especially there accommodating (and smiling!) people. Thailand has also the biggest population of ladyboys and transsexuals in the world. This is because they are fully accepted and respected in their country. The Thai word for “transsexual” was originally Kathoey, but hey, Americans needed a more understandable english name for them, so here is the origin of the word Ladyboy.

Thai Ladyboys are very attractive. But you need to be patient because they can hardly speak english and communicating with them might be difficult for a foreigner. There is a pretty different culture in Thailand regarding ladyboys and transsexuals because they are completely accepted in society. It’s not even a problem to their religion! Ladyboy shows are even one of the touristic attractions in Thailand. Ladyboys in Thailand are well supported by their families, maybe not financially (usually it’s the opposite…) but at least morally they often get full support from their families and friends. Young ladyboys, like 12 years old, can already buy hormonal pills legally so they can have an early start of Hormonal Replacement Therapy. That is why most of the Thai ladyboys look so feminine when they reach early 20’s. Moreover, surgery is widely common in Thailand. Transsexuals can easily get breast implants, hip enhancement and even vaginal replacement. No wonder, Thailand has the largest population of ladyboys and transexuals in the world.

Ladyboys in the Philippines

Even if geographically very close, Philippines is a completely different country from Thailand. First, it is a Roman Catholic country and their religion does not accept transsexuals. However this has never been a hindrance for Filipino ladyboys to pursue their goal of transitioning. And being unrecognised from their religion does not even stop them from believing in their religion. For instance, my Filipino ladyboy girlfriend goes to church every sunday and most of her ladyboy friends go too churh too! Ladyboys in the Philippines are not as free as ladyboys in Thailand. It’s not that they are prohibited or it is against the law, it’s just that its not as rampant as in Thailand. 

Although you can see ladyboys in the Philippines walking in the street, in the malls and in any type of bar, this is still not as many as in Thailand. But Filipino ladyboys are very passable most of the time you can hardly tell if they are ladyboys or not. They are naturally petite and very good looking, and because of years of migrative fluxes from Spain and USA, they can happen to look less Asian than their Thai sisters, and they also speak usually very good english. They may not be fluent but at least they can all communicate properly, because english language is officially taught at school here. The Filipino term for ladyboys that you have to know is: bakla (in tagalog, which is the official language of the country).

Now you have a glimpse of Asian ladyboys and you have a little idea about them. I know that you may not see these special girls in your country. I am pretty much sure that you can’t wait to meet one of them, but you dont have to fly right away to Thailand or Philippines! Start by simply have a look on the various dating websites specialised in ladyboys (Ladyboy Kisses for example), and step by step, you will get into finding the right ladyboy girlfriend for you.

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