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#Dickgirl; story for #Trannys and #Transgender

Face to face with it underneath the sheets, the true size of his cock was apparent. In that brief lighted moment it had looked enormous, just hanging limply against his thigh, and as it grew in my hand, I had felt that it was going to be quite large indeed. But as I lay underneath those covers, stretching my lips around it, taking it into my mouth, I thought I had never opened my mouth so wide in my life. And I took it in as deep as I could, but the base was elusive, I would gab before it reached my nose. So as I sucked and licked his massive member, I cradled his balls with my hand, teasing them. I heard him moaning above the covers and figured that I must have been doing a decent job despite my shallow throat. As I sucked and fondled, he began bucking his hips, trying to drive it deeper into my throat.

And then in the midst of it all, his bucking, my sucking, his moaning, he said something as he laid his hands on my head, stilling me.

I pulled off of his member, my saliva strings connecting us, "What was that?" I mumbled, that slippery cock looking more and more appetizing the longer I was not on it.

"I said, I have to fuck you." His breaths were short.

My heart skipped, "I told you...its my period."

"I don't care." He groaned, reaching under the covers, he yanked me up on top of him, our faces meeting once again. His eyes begged me. "I need you."

"Blood..." I mumbled.

"I don't care." He repeated, his hand tracing down my thigh.

I grabbed it inches before it found my crotch, my secret. "Wait..." I said. "I have an idea. Just lay back and relax."

"Very well." He mumbled, lacing his hands behind his head.

I sat atop him and turned around so that I was not facing him. I slipped my hands into my panties and freed my cock from between my ass cheeks. It stood straight out in front of me. I reached between my legs and grabbed a hold of his massive cock, aiming it up between my ass cheeks. I twisted my way down onto his lap slowly, inching his cock into my ass. I moaned and had to stop myself from masturbating as I did so.

My own tiny cock ached and pulsed. I heard Vito moaning behind me as I stretched my ass around his massive cock, slowly lowering myself, slowly fucking him. And as he filled me, his cock stretching into me, a shuddered, my own tiny cock as hard as it could get. In that moment, as I rested my legs against his, him fully inside me, I felt whole. I felt like a real person again. I felt needed, I felt wanted. Suddenly, as I moved up and down his shaft, my ass swallowing it each time, I no longer missed Sarah. Vito started bucking his hips as I lowered myself down on him again and again, my ass cheeks slapping

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