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#Transsexual: Why Seek A Serious Relationship with a #transwoman?

As this website states an interest in promoting serious relationships between transoriented men and trans women, it is necessary that we attempt provide a reasonable argument in defense of long term relationships compared to living one’s life through a series of short term, primarily sexual encounters.

The first point is this; that sexual satisfaction is but the basest of human satisfactions and that from a relationship a great many other satisfactions can emerge. Feelings of appreciation, trust, sharing experiences to name a few, but most importantly, the forming of a deep intellectual and emotional connection.

When a member of a happy couple passes, the remaining partner does not cry for the lost sexual satisfaction, what connected them and made them happiest together was a connection far more substantial than the superficiality of sexual relations. I believe, that a life which offers at it’s most intimate moments, merely sexual joy, is a relatively empty world in terms of emotional satisfaction.

Point two; that a happy relationship is the cornerstone of a life’s experience, and that what helps to ensure that cornerstone, as a loving and satisfying one, is finding a partner that truly fits with the needs you want to satisfy. To live in denial of seeking what truly attracts you, and by not allowing such a relationship to be built with considerable effort, is to deny oneself the opportunity to live a life in a truly happy relationship.

Point three; I believe that for a man, the heart is drawn to where the eyes see beauty. If one isn’t in awe of their partner’s beauty, then the emotional connection is not likely to be strong. So one must follow their attraction, if they are to feel passionate love. This may appear to be superficial, but keep in mind that tastes vary considerably. A man doesn’t need to find the world’s most attractive person to be intensely attracted, they just need to find the type of person that reflects beautifully in their mind. It’s no secret that heterosexual men, while they might gasp at the beauty of girls in the magazines, can and often do go gaga over girls who by comparison, in the eyes of most, appear relatively plain. It’s that capacity to adore, that enables a man to progress in stages of relationship satisfaction, providing that couple finds compatibility and that they have the character required to build a strong and happy relationship.

Anyone who says love is easy is either a fool or a god. When love finds us, we better be prepared for a tough ride, but it’s the best ride in town.

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