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#Transgender, #transsexual:Being a Full time #tranny

I've been thinking lately about people who want to transition and there is something that is rarely ever talked about; The intestinal fortitude required to live through the first few years after transition. Only a fortunate few get to experience visible stealthiness and fewer still experience it right away. The process literally takes years and in the meantime you look like a, well, look like a tranny. Most trans women will pass sporadically and some will NEVER pass.

 Real life isn't like Mrs Doubtfire where everyone is totally fooled by ridiculous looking drag. That outfit wouldn't pass if the ball was on fire. (sports analogy grunt grunt) Real life is having everybody look at you when you walk into a room, or tap their buddy on the shoulder as you walk past, or giggle when you drive up to get your latte at Fourbucks. This is every single day with no end in sight. Do you think you're gonna breeze though transition because everybody at the dance club is always raving about how good you look? Think again. Do you think a few procedures will turn you into a woman? Think again.

Apparently something about transition is perceived as romantic despite every T-girl who has done it saying it's tough. It is in fact the toughest thing you will ever do and it MAY be the most rewarding thing as well but let me tell you something, when you go full-time and change your name, it is ON like the break of dawn. How you look is how you look and there is no more hiding behind the "dude" when you just want a break from being a spectacle. You may one day be a full-time woman but before you get there you first have to endure being a full-time tranny. Those are the dues, and I don't see a way around paying 'em.

Transition is a trip and that first step is a real bitch.

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