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#Transgender #Shemales #Trannies in the Clubs

Once a tranny has completed the transition from male to female, they work very hard to fool heterosexual men into believing they are the real mccoy. They distance themselves from their past lives to better assimilate into the heterosexual world. Even it it means deliberately avoiding other trannies and cutting themselves off from the gay community so their cover won’t be blown.

Over the past decade or so, these trannies have successfully infiltrated the heterosexual Atlanta nightclub scene.
Trust that most of the club photographers know who the trannies are in the clubs. It has become something of an inside joke to pair up known trannies with thugs and then post the pictures online — or email the pictures to me.
So in an effort to raise awareness about this ongoing deception — and to spare straight brothas the humiliation of staring at themselves online hugged up with a woman whose gonads hang as low as theirs.

 I am posting this Straight Male’s Guide To Recognizing Trannies in the Clubs.

1. Big Feet – The average American male’s shoes size is 10-12 in mens. In female shoe size that translates to size 12 or 13. Some stores don’t carry female shoes in those sizes, so some trannies get their heels custom made. So beware if the shawty you’re macking in the club has unusually large feet.

2. Adam’s apple — I would have placed the adam’s apple at the top of this list, but for the fact that some trannies have had the surgery to trim theirs down to the point where it’s virtually undetectable. Still, the adam’s apple remains the litmus test for trannies.

3. No hips – The average female’s pelvis is wider than a male’s. Nature made this possible so that babies could pass through the birth canal without getting stuck. Therefore, the average male’s pelvis is narrower which gives males a more pronounced straight up and down shape.
4. Wide shoulders — Even the most feminine tranny has shoulders that are set wider apart than a female’s. That is because the average male has larger heart and lungs than females. So if you meet a female in the club whose shoulders are as wide as yours, scroll back up to #1.
5. Too much makeup — This one is a no-brainer (no pun intended).

6. Prominent brow — The average male’s brow is thicker and more prominent than a female’s. The ridge area between the eyebrows (above the nose) should be flat if she’s a natural born female. If the female you’re crushing on in the club has even a slightly raised brow, scroll back up to #1.
7. Long Ring Finger on right hand — On an average female, the right ring finger is shorter than/or the same length as the right index finger (second finger).
8. Flat chest/Implants — Trannies are either flat chested (small breasts) or they have breast implants. The ones with implants are rare because implants are not covered by insurance and the procedure can be expensive. If you’re not sure, ask her to show you her breasts. Most females in a club will comply with your request because no female wants to be confused for a tranny.

9. Longer Canine Teeth — I made this one #9 because most trannies have already been to the dentist to have their canine teeth shaved down. But on average, most males have longer canine teeth than females.
10. Limited Eye contact — When holding conversations, men tend to look away more rather than make eye contact.

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