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#Transgender: #Crossdressing Look Hot in #Feminine Lingerie

How to Look Hot in Feminine Lingerie

transgender crossdressing feminine lingerie
Whether you’re an occasional crossdresser or live as a woman full time, lingerie is a great way to connect with your femme self.
How can you NOT feel totally girly in a pretty lace bra and panties?
But let’s face it…
It’s hard to hide your flaws when you are practically naked!
Here’s how to look HOT in feminine lingerie – no matter what your body shape:

1. Get the right fit

Nothing will destroy your image faster than saggy bra cups or too-tight panties creating a “muffin top”.
Your bra and panties should fit snug, but should never dig into your skin. (That’s how you get ugly bulges.)
Be sure to check your bra cups – they should fit smoothly over your breasts or breast forms. Wrinkled bra cups means you need a smaller cup size.
Having a hard time finding a bra that fits? Try the Flatter Me Bra by Itty Bitty Bra. It’s specially designed for those with smaller breasts and broader body proportions, so it’s ideal for crossdressers and TG women.

2. Flatter your shape

The #1 secret to looking hot in lingerie is to hide your flaws while highlighting your assets. Here are some flattering pieces to consider:
  • Babydoll lingerie – Babydoll lingerie is sweet and sexy and best of all, it’s great for hiding an ample belly.
  • Ruffled panties – Do you wish you had more curves? Ruffled panties feminize your figure by adding fullness to the hips and behind.
  • Kimono robe – Slip on a sexy kimono to hide broad shoulders. Look for a sheer style so you can disguise your upper body while still showing some skin.

3. Complement your skin tone

Color has a dramatic effect on your appearance (and your mood), so choose wisely.
The most important thing is to choose colors that complement your skin tone. White and black are popular lingerie colors, but they tend make pale skin look even more pasty. Nude tones and bright colors flatter most skin tones.
Have some fun with this! Choose colors that make you feel sexy, girly, vampy – or whatever aspect of your personality you want to channel that day.

4. Be impeccable with your grooming

There’s nothing sexy about hair peeking out of your bra or panties! If you’re going to wear beautiful lingerie, be sure your grooming habits are up to par.
Shave or wax regularly and apply lotion daily so you are always prepared to show some skin.
What’s your favorite piece of lingerie?
Now I’d love to hear from YOU: Do you have a favorite piece of lingerie that makes you feel ultra feminine?
Please tell us about it in the comments below!

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