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Curious but Don’t want to date a #transsexual #transgender

What if you don’t want to date a transsexual  
With the proliferation of transsexual pornography,a lot of guys are at least curious about exploring a sexual encounter with an attractive transgender woman. Believe me: she knows this from her lifelong experiences. However, those same journey’s also taught her that few straight guys will develop a meaningful relationship that includes association with his friends and family with a TS woman unlesshe has more than just sexual fascination. Thus, few transsexual women will go further - unless they think you’re hotter than melted butter.

Be sure - before you kick her to the curb
Some straight guys discover a transsexual girlfriend is far better than expected.

There’s more than one straight guy that now regrets letting go of his relationship with a transsexual female. “She was the most fun and amazing woman I ever dated. However, at that time - I wigged out over what my friends would think. I broke it off but after returning to dating typical women realized I
missed her. Tried reestablishing our relationship but she already found someone else. Thus, I tried looking on some trans-dating sites and soon realized how rare a girl like ‘Mary’ was. I never had that sort of chemistry with another woman in my life.” 

Realize: very passable and beautiful transsexual women that also prefer men? They’re rare - since most transsexuals fancy women.

If you subsequently change your mind? You probably won’t find another like her!

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