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Why #Ladyboys doubt of men. #boipussy #trandsgender #transsexual

By: Areeya

Here is a problem that I wanted to tackle, that will maybe give men some insights about why do ladyboys doubt of men, a priori. More or less, I am compiling here the stories and experiences I’ve been told here and there amongst my friends. 

Yes, when you approach a ladyboy or the first time, she already has many doubts regarding your intentions. Maybe a very young one with no experience with men would not, but passed 20 years old she already had enough bad experiences to be quite doubtful. So here it is, you meet a ladyboy and you start to make acquaintance, you are at first labeled as a “potentially dangerous for her heart”. And then you have to more or less prove that you are worth her time.

Here are 6 reasons (6 typical stories I often hear) why ladyboys usually doubt of men.

1. Many men label ladyboys as sex-workers

And this fact is very true. Look at yourself. When this world is unknown to you and you try to get documented about ladyboys, everything you find is porn and escorts. Google for “ladyboys” and see for yourself, it’s full of porn.

2. Men often use ladyboys to fulfil their fantasy

Ladyboys are all about fantasy of course. 
Most men, on the other hand, have the same fantasy and are crazy about turning this fantasy into reality, but nothing more. They will lie and make you believe they’re serious when in fact they just want to have a good fuck and go away. Ladyboys see it everyday.

3. Men could leave her because of the children

This is an issue for young men who don’t already have children. Older men who are already fathers (usually divorced, or willing to have a double relationship) are not really bothered that ladyboys can’t give birth. But when you’re young, and you have a ladyboy girlfriend but you know she can’t give you a child, that’s an issue.

 They are still trans-oriented, but will keep it in the inside and go back to real women because they want children of their own blood.

4. Men could leave after she gets SRS

I can’t remember where I read this statistic, but indeed most of the men who are trans-oriented are attracted to pre-op / non-op ladyboys. A few percentage are attracted to post-ops (meaning she got her genitals cut and has an artificial vagina). So men lose interest when a transgender girl cuts off her penis (or does SRS — Sex Reassignment Surgery), and that’s a typical reason for break up.

5. Men might not assume their relationship openly

While the man could be truly serious and in love with his ladyboy girlfriend, he is maybe not ready to live with it to the eyes of the outside world. Walking in the street, holding the hand of your ladyboy girlfriend… Yes, people will stare at you, but you’re maybe just paranoid. If you are caucasian and you’re in Asia, people will stare at you anyways. If your ladyboy girlfriend is sexy, people will stare at you. But some men are paranoid and think too much.

6. Odds of getting a serious boyfriend shrink as ladyboys get older

Getting a serious boyfriend, even husband, is a race against the clock for ladyboys. Outside beauty is like a flower, it fades away with the time… Of course, men are interested in young and beautiful ladyboys, so the odds of finding a life partner get smaller and smaller as ladyboys get older. If they’re still single passed 30, the situation gets bad for them.

In any case, men are often liars. That’s well known, when they want to fuck, their brain is not anymore the organ that thinks, if you see what I mean… Since the ladyboy fantasy is so strong, and the opportunities limited, they often lie to get laid when in fact, one of the reasons cited above makes that they would never like to invest into anything serious.

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