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Third #sex loving and dating an Asian #Ladyboy

Were you wondering about the Third sex, loving and dating an Asian ladyboy?

Here I wrote something mainly for men who wish to date a ladyboy. I wish to give you like a preview of what means having a ladyboy girlfriend in real, and not just dreaming on it. Then, love relationship, intimate matters, and most things unknown to men. Mainly for those who want a sincere love story with a woman of the third sex, a ladyboy. All of it, in realistic and decent way! Let’s begun!

Third sex loving and dating an Asian ladyboy

Beyond the mere physical / sexual attraction that you can feel for the women of third sex, (that’s how ladyboys are recognized in Asia, like the so-called third gender in Thailand ), there are reasons probably less known towards the most part of men. Especially if, let’s say, you have had not yet your first experience or date with a ladyboy.

Even if you had one, you could have not felt yet what really means being truly in love and loved by an Asian lady boy. When I say LOVE, I do not refer to sex only, like a one night stand, but emotionally engaged, true feelings. Like she is your girlfriend and even wife! That’s the insight of what we gonna see today. 

Why ? Because to most men ladyboy are just object of fantasy, and many can’t see a future with the… As well ladyboys end in the same situation because of this awareness. Keep reading you’ll get what I mean better soon.
Why would you love having a special girlfriend like a ladyboy?

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