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# Feminizing Fundamentals

by:  AngelBea
One of the problems with modern day medicine and medical understanding, is the belief that every human body is the same, works the same way, responds in the same way.

This is traditional male thinking medicine, where “X” quantity of a given substance, taken for “Y” amount of time, will produce “Z” results.

Linear thinking, male thinking.  Rocket science.

Feminization is not rocket science.  Really, not rocket science, at all!

Feminization is the art of female thinking, of female paradigms. Female science is knowing that not every human body works the same way, and that not every human body responds the same way to inputs.

Specifically, in the arena of feminization of the male body, there are many variables which will affect outcomes.

The primary variable is testosterone levels, and the resilience of testosterone production, i.e., the resilience of the testes to want to restart or resume testosterone production.

It does not matter whether someone chooses to take drug-based estrogens, or the Evanesce, Feminol, etc, formulations.

The initial job is testosterone reduction, both current levels and ongoing production.

The individual body has to reduce its testosterone load, in order to have a place for estrogen to circulate and to do “work”.

Some male-bodied people have very low testosterone levels, and testes which will give up very quickly. These people will see very quick initial changes, feminization.

Some male-bodied people have VERY high testosterone levels, and very aggressive testes, which will require very aggressive measure to reduce, before feminization can begin. These people will take longer before seeing initial results.

Another element which governs how quickly and how much feminization happens, is the individual’s overall health, and the individual’s overall nutrition patterns.

As an example, coffee/caffeine, alcohol, sugar, nicotine…. each and all are very destructive of estrogen. Stress is also very destructive of estrogen.

No one has to forego these things totally in order to feminize, but limiting each is very important.

And finally, an understanding that much of breast material is fatty tissue. It is fatty tissue which holds the various ducts, glands, etc., which constitute female breasts.

Does a person have to be “fat” in order to feminize?  No, of course not.

But a person with very little or no body fat, will have a very difficult, very slow period of breast growth.

Note that the majority of female athletes, and especially female weight lifters, Olympic figure skaters, etc., have small breasts, because of this total lack of body fat.

It is also important to know that a born girl, going through puberty toward becoming a woman, will take 4-5 years to fully develop her breasts. And she does not have to overcome testosterone, first.

There is no reason to believe that a male-bodied person will fully develop breasts any faster than that, even when using near-lethal dosages of drug hormones.

All of these variables are the reason we offer such a wide range of feminizing formulations.

Evanesce Classic, and Evanesce-ES (Extra Strength), are estrogenic products, which also contain testosterone blockers/reducers.

Feminol 2.0, adds much more potent estrogen resources, in a synergystic formulation; i.e., it is made to work along with Evanesce, to give Evanesce a very significant boost in potency.

AndroEase is THE most potent testosterone blocker a person can legally buy, and it does not bring the health problems that drug products will bring to this task.

CalmCompanion helps the AndroEase to work even better, for the job of blocking testosterone production.

To your question of what to expect in the first six weeks using Evanesce only?

Only your own body, only your own unique personal genetics, can answer that question.

Over the past two decades, many people have fully transitioned using only Evanesce.

And many many more, required a more potent solution, and at least in the beginning, have used all of the formulations in order to jump start the transformation processes.

This is the program we recommend, for starting: (based on twenty years of feedback from other people just like you, all around the planet):

Six Evanesce Classic or Evanesce Extra Strength daily

Four Feminol daily

Two to six  AndroEase daily

Two CalmCompanion daily.

These are to be taken every single day, consistently, without skipping any days.

After six to eight weeks on this regimen, it should become easy to ascertain what the next steps are. Daily usage after that, will be determined by results at that point in the processes.

First results will be very difficult to achieve if a person takes these formulations only on the random days that they are feeling especially “girlie”.

This is all true, even for those people who choose to use lethal dosages of drug hormones; if supplemental estrogen is only taken sporadically, their may be little or no physical changes at all.

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