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How do you find the perfect #transsexual girlfriend? #Orchiectomy #transgendered

How would most guys define the “perfect” transsexual girlfriend?
No Perfect Transgender Women

Let’s see…probably something like this: a beautiful, completely passable and single transsexual woman that has a fully functional penis with no plans to change that configuration and whose also attracted to men, whose drug and disease free, whose had breast augmentation and with long, beautiful hair that’s all her own, whose not looking to get paid for visiting with you and whose life is relatively drama-free.


Does that sound about right?

Unfortunately, I’ve got some bad news.

That girl?

She doesn’t exist.

Why’s that?

Let’s dissect the “parts” of this perfect transsexual woman:

A Gender Transition is Absolutely Brutal

A gender transition is absolutely devastating on a trans-girl’s life. 41% of the transgender community attempt suicide compared with 1.6% of the general population: ugh! Family members usually disown a transgender person. Few companies hire trans-women unless she presents flawlessly - which takes lots of time and money. We usually end up in extreme poverty - trans women are four times more likely to have a household income of less than $10,000 compared to the general public.

Thus? Living a drama-free life?

That’s often difficult given these circumstances.

Most Successful TS Women are Post-Operative

Lots of guys attracted to transgender women will ponder: “Why would she ever remove her penis - it’s what makes her hot and special? For some transsexual women? They hate that appendage - felt it didn’t belong from the onset. However, for lots of other transsexuals? They understand it creates lots of life and career challenges that sometimes improve once she completes GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery).

Simply stated?

There’s no place for pre-operative transsexual women in our binary gender society - with health care, showers, women’s restrooms and many jobs. Thus, most transsexual women who now have their life together - including a decent job and who are past much of the drama associated with being transsexual? They’re post-operative - aka = they no longer have a penis.

The only jobs that pay for non-op transsexual woman?

Pornography professional escorting.

Few Transsexual Women are “fully functional”

Very few transsexual women remain functional with the use of their penis over time. The HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) we consume to create a more feminine platform causes our male parts to become far less responsive.

Girls that work in the sex trade often take Viagra and Ciallis to overcome this issue, but most other girls have no desire to perform in that manner.

Equally important?

Almost no TS woman is wanting to use her male parts on you!

Drugs and STD’s are part of our culture

Very few trans women haven’t done drugs at some point in their journey. Drugs represent an escape from reality. Since our reality often sucks? Drug use is common.

Also, lots of transsexual women have some sort of communicable disease: Hep-C, HIV, Herpes - tends to go with the turf.

We have many physical flaws

Changing a gender from male to female is very challenging. Subsequently creating a stunning example of femininity from that starting point? It’s nearly impossible. However - doing all that - without natural flaws? That’s asking too much.

Almost every transsexual woman wears wigs or hair extensions. Additionally, we often deal with issues like continued facial and body hair growth. Even some of our best man-made features come with occasional challenges.

We work hard to create a platform that will allow us to function seamlessly in society in our new gender. Yeah, we also want to be considered “pretty”.

But accomplishing all that - naturally?


#Men who love #transwomen #transgendered #tgirl #transsexual women.

Of course men want to have sex with us!  But the stigma of having a transgender girlfriend, and how it will destroy their life with family and friends, scares them to death. (that's how they feel)

Look, we as transgender women who transition, have to jump ALL those hurdles, AND MORE, to try and fit the gender we are.  Therapy, electrolysis, hormones, surgeries, transitioning to full time status, facing odds of abuse, taunting, being laughed at, and on and on...just to be who we really are, and so OTHERS won't be 'uncomfortable' around us. 

The LEAST you guys could do is step up to the plate, and BE REAL.  Yes, your friends might find it 'different' or strange that you love transgender women, but your 'coming out' will help to kill that ugly stigma that so many are so fearful of identifying with.

Society needs to be marinated in this change in order for it to be 'ok' with it.  The religious brand may never get there, because it does not fit with their Bronze Age mentality...but for God's sake, STEP UP YOUR GAME!

Love you guys, and I mean the best for you and us by this.  Together, we can be free of the talons of stigma. 

When a straight man finds me attractive, he is not turned on by my chromosomes...he is attracted to me because I'm a woman.  Most straight men are attracted to femininity, the look, the curves, the voice, the smell, the difference that makes women attractive to them.

So no, straight men are straight, not gay, if they find a woman sexually attractive that just happens to be transgender.  Even if the woman has that male 'part', it doesn't define her or him as far as attraction and/or love.

No, not all straight men are going to allow themselves to love a woman who is trans, but that is on THEM, not the fact that they are attracted to us as women.

Times are changing.  More and more men are coming out as to their proclamation of love to their women who happen to be trans.

We are women...let's stop the silliness
Thanks for the read :)

#Transgender: Making #Life Work as a Non-Op #Transsexual #Woman #Tgirl

Gender Reassignment Surgery
(GRS) is not for everyone. I’ve witnessed far too many transsexuals strive and attain this final step under the delusion it's going to make them a better woman: it won’t. However, I’ve witnessed just as many transsexuals retain non-op status for equally unhealthy reasons.
Seriously Consider Getting an Orchiectomy

An orchiectomy is a necessary procedure in many states to qualify for getting your gender marker changed on your driver’s license and other personal records.
It will also allow you to reduce or eliminate HRT - and save potential damage to your liver. Additionally, you’ll start seeing the benefits of atrophy in time - more than you ever saw with testosterone blockers.

Also, the first question from every strangers mouth upon hearing you’re transsexual is often “have you had the final surgery”. My advice? Even if you’ve only completed an orchiectomy - respond: “Yes, I’ve completed all my surgeries: I’m legally female”. Notice, I never said I had a neo-vagina and I told the truth!If you want to remain functional with your penis, it will necessary that you develop an ED regimen with a urologist. A blend of testosterone shots, daily low-dose Ciallis plus Estradiol for both gender and sexuality balance.
Rules to Success as a Non-Op Transsexual Female
Don’t Publicize the Fact You’re Non-Op

A lot of non-op’s are openly caught up in their sexuality. If you’re going to make life work with this configuration? -You need to can the “best of both world’s speech”.
We live in a binary society of male and female. There’s no place for a third gender to fit into that equation. Thus, if you’re going to make this
work with co-workers, friends and new acquaintances - you need to keep your mouth shut regarding your configuration except with your closest comrades. The first question almost everyone wants to ask of a passable, full-time transsexual woman is whether she’s had her final surgery. Make no mistake: it’s always on the tip of tongues.

You need to respond with a qualified affirmative to steer clear of much of the drama associated with being transgender.


Being openly non-op is often a problem in your career. If other know you’re not complete? It’s a source of drama you don’t need. Also? You’re worst potential nightmare? Having to serve prison time: better stay on the straight and narrow if you fly this route. 

Being openly non-op strains can strain some close friendships. Some people aren’t comfortable with this blend. Again, keeping your mouth shut is the best strategy - no matter how open or interested people might first seem.

Also, being openly non-op attracts tends to attract unhealthy partners - a magnet for shemale fantasy seekers. That emotionally exhausting.

Thus: keep your tissue configuration to yourself unless its necessary!
My wish is that I have shed some light on the road to transition. 
Angel Bea :)

#Masturbate; Truths And Myths Of #Erotic #Masturbation

Yes; another jerking off blog.
Jacking off is sooo good. Today men it's your turn!
Sometimes a easy pegging is good for you! :)

Most men are still clueless about masturbation, yet they do this activity almost everyday. Thus, when people make up even the most absurd stories about masturbation, some men easily fall into the trap of believing it. These absurd stories are often called myths which are ideas that may sound really possible when you first hear about it. However, when considered more deeply, these ideas do not make sense at all. To be able to determine whether a certain story about masturbation is true or possibly just a myth, one must know more about the technicalities of masturbation. This means knowing more about the anatomy and physiology of the most banal of all activities that is masturbation.

Masturbation, as they say, is the imitation of the act of sexual intercourse when done alone. The sensations that are triggered during sex are the very same sensations that result during self-stimulation. 

During masturbation, men usually hold their penis loosely and make an up-and-down hand motion. This is continued until orgasm or ejaculation is achieved, which is the very same end result of sexual intercourse. Other techniques, gadgets, and styles can be used to further improve the experience of self-stimulation. Some of these techniques or gadgets can be dangerous since it may cause physical injuries. Other than that, masturbation has no other known dangers unlike what the myths suggest.

One famous myth about masturbation is that it is said to cause erection problems or erectile dysfunction in the future when masturbation is done frequently. 

As said earlier, myths seem true or possible when heard the first time. However, upon deeper analysis, it is only then that the truth or the possibility of the claimed statement is proven false or improbable. In this case, it may seem possible that frequent masturbation can eventually cause erectile dysfunction or erection problems. However, when analyzed further through asking, “How can this be possible?”, it will be known that masturbation has nothing to do with erection problems at all.

First, take into consideration the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Usually, these are injuries caused by physical trauma due to extremely strenuous activities or actions. Masturbation can neither cause physical trauma nor is it considered an extremely strenuous activity. Even if it is repeated several times and quite frequently, a person’s body naturally regulates the capacity of a person to endure self-stimulation for even a long period of time. Thus, it is 

impossible for a person to go overboard when it comes to masturbation. One reason for erectile dysfunction to possibly occur is when a device used or applied during the act of masturbation has caused an injury in the nerves of the man’s penis.

Truth is, no matter how frequent or how many times masturbation is done, it can never eventually result to erectile dysfunction. The common possible causes of erection problems are those that will have some influence on the
functioning of the penal nerves. These include traumatic 
injuries, highly strenuous activities, health problems such as diabetes, and psychological factors such as stess or anxiety. The best way of preventing or avoiding this situation from happening is to also avoid the situations that may cause it. 

Since masturbation is not considered to be one of the causes, therefore, it may still be continued without worries.

#Aging: #Transwoman Turning back the hands of time #transgender #transsexual

To all my Trans Sisters we must not forget our overall physical being.

It’s possible that the following writing will not cover all you hope to learn as regards a specific aspect of “Anti Aging”, but it will make you far more informed about “Anti Aging” in general. Thus, it doesn’t really matter what your key phrase is in relation to “Anti Aging”, whether it is “Aging Anti Beauty Product”, “Anti Aging Organic” or “Skin Products”, read this writing and you will be delighted with what you’ll see therein.

It is interesting to note how excited about growing up you are when you are young. Then all of a sudden, all that begins to change when you notice you are growing old. Everyone hates old age, no doubts about it, especially because of the wrinkles associated with age. But don’t despair because there are many solutions out there that can help you manage the aging process and the wrinkles that come with it.

Funny how the people who really want to look young even when they’re old are the same ones who are too lazy to do anything about it. Funny also how they happen to be the ones with the funds to see such a thing through. So they pay doctors and scientists for research into things that can make them live longer, if not forever. And hey the results that come out each and everyday show that science is making more progress into anti aging than was the case many years ago.

However hard you try, you are bound to grow older. It’s the one thing, as they say, that goes up and never comes down. But with anti aging, you could slow the process, or you could make it look as though it wasn’t even happening.
The remaining part of this piece has to add up the missing pieces about “Anti Aging” if the first part of this writing hasn’t. No doubts about it your “Eureka” moments are obviously ahead… as you keep on reading.

As you grow older, you must learn better how to manage stress pattern in your body. If you fail at this, then there is no amount of cosmetic surgery that can save you from looking old. The worry lines will always show through no matter what you do. You will find all kinds of nutrition and physical fitness products in a convenience store that will help you with anti aging. Also some skin care lotions, hormone replacements, and vitamins are known to be helpful. You can top them off with various supplements and herbs. Some physicians recommend them for life extension programs.
It is no surprise that Egyptians are among the first to show interest in life extension. Research shows that of the knowledge they had in the past, much was used to research into means of making life longer and finer. And when this failed, they at least contemplated carrying it over to the afterlife.

#Prostate #Massage for a #male= #Health and #longevity

Prostate massage involves fingering the butt hole, but in this case the finger is extended all the way to the prostate gland in order to lightly massage it. When this is coupled with a hand job or blow job, it makes for even greater orgasms. This technique is essential for male sexual health and can actually help prevent prostate cancer and increase the amount of semen produced. Prostate massage, or "milking," is a more advanced technique.
I've heard that the prostate is like the male version of a G-spot. How can I stimulate it?
A:You can massage a man's prostate from the outside or the inside of his body. And, yes, I'm talking about his butt here.

Why would you want to do this? The prostate is the gland that produces the bulk of a man's ejaculatory fluid. The testicles produce a small amount of fluid, the semen. The prostate creates the fluid that protects the semen from the acidity of the female’s vagina (in a procreation situation) and gives the semen mobility. Massage the prostate and you inspire a longer, deeper orgasm for your guy. Plus it’s good for his health, as studies show it reduces his risk of developing prostate cancer.

In order to do it, first you’ll need a willing partner. If he does not want to go there, then don’t go there. You also need a quality lube, a latex glove or a condom to wear over your finger(s). You could also try a curved prostate toy. Here are some tips.

    Even with a glove or condom on your finger, make sure that your nails are trimmed and smooth. You are going to be in contact with some very sensitive tissue.
    Warm him up and get him hard in your favorite ways.
    Find a comfortable position for him. Most guys report they like to be on their backs with their lover between their legs.
    Put lube on your fingers. Rub them together to warm it up a bit before you touch him.
    Use the pads of two or three fingers to put pressure on his perineum. It’s the area between his balls and his sphincter. There are eight muscles that come together at this spot. On the other side of the muscles is the root of his erection. Yes, it goes that deep into his body! And, on the other side of that, is his prostate. Use a nice circular massage with some gentle pressure up into his body and you are massaging his prostate from the outside of his body.

    If he’s ready for more, get more lube and lightly massage the outside of his sphincter. There is no such thing as too much lube when it comes to anal play.

    When you are ready to go deeper, don’t push straight into his body. This will inspire his muscles to resist. Instead use one finger to gently pull one side of his sphincter muscles back toward his spine. This little tip will ensure easy entry.
    Curve your finger or point the curve of the prostate toy towards his navel. Then gently tap your finger or rock the toy, again, towards his navel.

    Start slow and easy and ramp up the sensation if he asks for more. He may need little pressure or he may want it rougher. Play with him. Watch his response. Ask him if what you are doing feels good. Listen to his breath. Try an in-and-out motion. Explore his response.
    Congratulations! You just massaged his prostate!

#Pussy #Masturbation is nothing short of a radical #feminist act. #vagina

1. It Helps Close The Orgasm Gap
Have you heard of the orgasm gap? It's much like the gender pay gap, only the inequality it refers to is the fact that statistically, women worldwide are having fewer orgasms than men. According to data from a 2007/08 Durex survey, Russia and Thailand have the largest orgasm gap. They are followed closely behind by us losers in the good old U-S-of-A and Canada.

Just as asking for a raise is a feminist act that helps close the pay gap, so too can you consider masturbating a small act that helps close the orgasm gap. Not only will you be having more orgasms on your own, but you'll also be better equipped to know what you need to close the orgasm gap during partnered sex.

2. It Helps You Feel More Body Positive
For all the much-needed talk about self-acceptance and body positivity that many of us engage in, we don't tend to acknowledge the clear link between erotic self-love and loving yourself. But the connection is real — if you don't take the time to turn yourself on and admire your own body, it's just that much harder to truly accept and love it, no matter how many self-affirming selfies you post.

As I've written before, one of the most important ways I taught myself to love my body again after a period of disordered eating was through masturbation. It reminded me that I was sexy, that I could nourish myself, and that I am powerful.

3. It Requires A Room Of One's Own
claim your space — and your sexuality — in a room of your own.
When I have the house to myself and masturbate, I feel I am owning my space in a way that I simply can't when I'm sharing it with my partner. It reminds me that the room we share is equally mine, and that I have enough energy, sexuality, and presence to fill it up all on my own.

4. Because You Shouldn't Depend On A Partner For All Your Orgasms
More than once, I've talked to female friends in tumultuous relationships, where the sex was supposedly "really hot" ... only to then hear them admit that they didn't masturbate. Unsurprisingly, these women tended to hang on to these ailing relationships longer than friends who were more sexually independent.

Any time you put all your orgasms in another person's basket, you're putting yourself in the potentially problematic position of forgetting that you are also capable of giving yourself pleasure (and losing perspective on how good your partner actually is in bed, simply because you're so horny). We all understand why it's important to be financially independent— but being sexually independent is arguably just as crucial.

It's not to say you shouldn't enjoy partnered sex or ever depend on someone — I know I do — but a strong, independent woman should also strive to remember that she is always capable of making her own toes curl.

5. Because Women Aren't Told To Master Technique
Many women don't know how to pleasure themselves — and lots of women are eager to learn.

That gives me tremendous hope, but it also makes me feel sad that so many women don't know how to masturbate. I'm not surprised, though. Some of us were told it was weird, gross, unfeminine, or unnecessary as women to spend much time perfecting our technique. Others were taught, whether explicitly or implicitly, that it should be a secret. Because of all this, exploring what works for you sends a big F-U to the patriarchal bullshit that has told us to lie back and think of England for centuries.

6. It Helps You Feel More Comfortable Being Alone
Most of us are not that comfortable with being alone. We're usually on our phones, with partners and friends, or watching TV — or often, all three at once — just to avoid having to be alone with ourselves. There's no denying that masturbation pushes you to be more comfortable with being alone, and simply focusing on the present moment.

As women, this is especially important, since we've historically ended up in some pretty bad situations when we don't believe that we ourselves, just as we are, are enough.

7. It Helps Reaffirm That Sex Isn't Just About Penetration
 Sure, you might use a dildo and still need penetration to get off when you're masturbating; but the point is, if you're a woman who sleeps with men, you can sometimes forget that penetration doesn't have to be the piece de resistance. 

Most of us need clitoral stimulation in order to come, and I know that I figured out that I needed to ask for it during penetrative sex through my experience masturbating. When you get more comfortable touching yourself, you'll feel more confident giving directions or helping yourself get there during sex.

#Pegging: Your #Prostate #Cancer #Sexual Health

Welcome To Wellness and Longevity

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among American men after skin cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Based on this statistic, most people might assume that the majority of American men are well educated about how best to fight prostate cancer, where to turn for more information and what support group an uncle or golf buddy relied on during their respective battles with the disease.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. While women regularly host breast cancer awareness and fund-raising walks across the country, men have been less proactive on matters related to their health, including essential measures such as soliciting second opinions and researching treatment options. The result of this passive approach is that the average man does not always make good, informed decisions about his own health care.
A new program is encouraging men to alter their approach to health care, at least when it comes to battling prostate cancer. Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education and Support Network, along with Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization, have founded the “Partner’s Program” to help men with prostate cancer and their partners face the diagnosis together, encourage them to seek information regarding treatment options, and ultimately, make more well-informed treatment decisions.

This program clearly responds to an unmet need. Recently, an Us TOO- and Y-ME-commissioned survey found that, although the majority of men with prostate cancer have heard of both surgery and radiation as treatment options, up to 38 percent don’t know that other treatments, such as hormonal therapy, even exist. Even more alarming, less than 50 percent of men with prostate cancer take the time to get a second opinion on their diagnosis or proposed treatment. These facts are sure to concern anyone who loves a man at risk of developing prostate cancer.

The good news for wives and partners is the survey found that men don’t want to face prostate cancer treatment choices alone, making a resource like the “Partner’s Program” attractive for both men and women. While men are not typically as open as women on subjects such as prostate cancer, the survey found that almost 70 percent of men age 50 and older indicated that they would like their partner to play an active role in the process of choosing an appropriate course of therapy.

#Transsexual: Why straight men date with #Ladyboy? #boipussy #crossdresser

My penis say “YES” but my brain say “NO”. To all men, ask yourself, have you ever across this situation? Most probably out of 10, 5 will answer  yes. Is ladyboy the new “IT” girl in town? When you date with ladyboy,are you gay or weird? The obvious answer is epic NO. Let me explain to you in the simplest words, why men who date transsexuals are not gay.

        1) Every man has their own appetite when it comes to sexuality and emotional. Many straight men are not as straight as they say they are. In contrast that doesn't mean they are gay or bisexual. Just because public LOVE to label people with straight, gay or bisexual doesn't mean everyone fits into those categories. There is no right or wrong neither there is no written agreement mention if you are male and you wearing pink obviously you will fit in to the gay category. It is all assumption. Everyone lives under assumption. In the transgender dating world those terms never match up to the reality.

         2) Just to let everyone know, transgenderism has nothing to do with any man or woman sexual orientation.

       3) Men will seek out ladyboys for dating and long term relationship because they feel that ladyboys are actually more feminine than genetic women. And this really explain why there is an issue that they debate it on live television mentioned about, Transgender women is a threat for biological born women. The facts is, that is right.MORE feminine!

         4) Transsexuals who were born in a male body, but have female brain chemistry that really attract those straight man. Usually it is not a common thing for anyone who wins someone heart with their personalities, the personalities that is come from the inside. You are about to have this relationship with that person soul and personalities. Your face, your body, your hair is all something that I label as extra credits. Lots of time I scream from the top of my lung when saw ugly girl that walk hand by hand with tall gorgeous man. I’m wondering why her? Why not me? I mean like, the effort that I put on heave make up on me, wearing something sexy doesn’t reach the standard of that ugly woman. 

Then I asked myself, does that man really love her for her face and body? That just stops my words inside my mind. However, it must be known that nobody should be judged brutally epic on their appearance as there are many complicated circumstances from the public.

Everyone has a right to date whoever they want to without any judgment from the public. While some men who date transsexuals may be bisexual, those men who are gay would not be in the slightest interested in dating someone who is NOT actually a man, but a transsexual who embodies everything that is beautiful in a woman.

Men should not approach transsexuals with the expectation that they will always have another penis in the relationship. Trans-sexuality is not a sexual fetish. That is not to say that being transgender is a "bad" thing or mental illness, it simply is a fact of life which has not yet been fully understand by most countries.
Those men who are not afraid to say they prefer to date transsexuals and do not worry about what the public will think about him really deserve my standing ovation. There is a quote by Regina Ibrahim, “Jantan yang sanggup pegang tangan transgender woman in public is what I call Macho Man”. This quote keep on playing inside my head and obviously I use that quote as my principle to search for THE ONE.

For public people, the real person is someone who is not afraid of their sexuality or gender. For them it is all about the ability to treat others around them with full respect. I would like to say to all the men: put away all your assumptions and stereotypes, and keep your mind open and liberal. Dating a transsexual woman does not make your either gay or bisexual, unless you OBVIOUSLY searching for someone with a penis between the legs. Once again a reminder to everyone, please be aware that the greatest sacrifice is made by those who are transgendered and have to struggle with all the mental and psychology abuse from the public. Human beings will always care of each other. Breath under the same air and smile under the same earth.