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#Transwomen: How to Date a #Trans Person. #Transsexual #transgendered

by Tobi Hill-Meyer

Trans people in the media—from The Crying Game to Family Guy—tend to be represented as freaks and disgusting surprises. So it’s easy for trans people to begin thinking that no one will want to date us, that people who appreciate our gender will expect different genitals, and that people who appreciate our genitals will expect a different gender. On the other hand, people who specifically seek trans partners are seen as potential “chasers,” treated with skepticism and caution, and considered possibly dangerous.
So who else is left?
It’s really tempting to fall into this line of thinking—that there are only these two types of people to date—and a lot of trans folks believe it. But it’s not true. Not by a long shot.
While it is true that dating can be difficult, there are always possibilities.

Trans women are women, and trans men are men. So it should not be surprising that many folks attracted to men in general will find themselves attracted to a trans man now and then, and folks attracted to women will on occasion be attracted to a trans woman. The problem is with messages that tell people to hide those feelings, feel shame for them, or reject them.
All of this can leave you paralyzed in front of someone you want to flirt with, whether you’re a trans person or the recipient of your affection is trans. So what should people do?
Flirt the same way you would with anyone else. When it comes time to bring up the subject, if you’re still nervous, you can test the waters by mentioning trans issues in current events. Give your opinions on the recent Medicare decision  or talk about Laverne Cox in Orange Is the New Black. It can be a great chance to share your opinions and gauge their reactions.

If you aren’t trans, how do you show you’re not transphobic while also showing you’re not a predatory chaser? Unless you come with references, you probably can’t with a few mere words. Just come to terms with that. It’s not about finding the right code words; it’s about taking the time to show that you are trustworthy.
If you’re not familiar with trans communities, you’ll probably say the wrong thing at some point. Just be humble, be genuine, and try to let your true personality shine through.

That goes for trans folks, too. If you genuinely care and your heart’s in the right place, most people will be able to see that. In the end, you could do everything right and they might still not be into you—that’s just how dating goes

Transwoman: Feminization hypnosis.Transsexual sissyboy

There is an amazing breakthrough in the process of feminization - feminization hypnosis. Commonly, some men would simply undergo male to female surgery and modify their facial features and body contours. Some also opt to have hormonal injections to enhance their look. Today, a number of transgender, transsexuals and transvestites are discovering for themselves the good benefits they can gain from feminization hypnosis.

Feminization hypnosis is programming your subconscious mind to bring out the woman in you. Your mind and body can efficiently respond to affirmations and visualization when you are under hypnosis. At this stage, you are entering a relaxed environment where you can condition your mind to become the woman that you always wanted to be.

Your desire to become a feminine is very important in this process. An image of who you want to become should always be deeply imbedded in your subconscious mind. Feminization hypnosis unleashes your natural power to activate the flow feminized hormones into your entire being.

After a few successful sessions you would discover the woman in you that is there all along. You would begin to feel and act like a woman. In terms of emotional change, you would learn to become more sensitive, caring, thoughtful and other characteristics that a woman portrays. You would begin to exude the aura of a total woman. And with such an aura, you would gain the power of attraction.

You would not only benefit from feminization hypnosis in terms of behavioral transformation. A lot of people attest that they are experiencing physical improvements after undergoing feminization hypnosis.

You would soon sound like a woman with a higher and softer pitch. The way you walk would change drastically. The way you react to situations would be similar to that of a woman. In all you do, there is a touch of femininity that would surely be noticed by a lot of people. Your confidence would surely boost because of the overwhelming feminine aura within you. You would feel comfortable in your own woman skin. More importantly, you would soon achieve that x-factor that can naturally attract men.

With feminization hypnosis, you would indeed become the woman of your dreams. You can forget about wearing layers of make up or applying hormonal creams. You can enjoy your life as a woman in the most natural way. Allow your feminine side to surface and enjoy the pleasures of being a woman. 

What is #Transgender? #transwoman #Transsexual #caitlyn

Succinctly stated: transgender is the manifestation of a person’s need to identify with the opposite gender from which they were physically born.

In other words?

Transgender people are compelled - usually from an early age - to live and represent the gender opposite from the one they were born.

What causes Transgenderism?

There's not enough research to definitively determine what causes our need to express an alternative gender but most present thinking reveals its instigated by varied degrees of masculinzation to the brain during our evolution in the womb.

How’s that occur?

Every mammal is first conceived female: it's the default gender. Every once and awhile the most complex organ on the body - the human brain - doesn’t successfully compete the light speed trek to its final gender. Thus, you end up with a male body being born with a female brain.

What we deal with is an inborn medical condition. It’s real. It’s also very challenging.

Transgenderism Defined

“Transgenderism” is an all-encompassing term to describe all forms of alternative gender expression.

It’s used to broadly describe all forms of transgender expression or thoughts. You could liken it to the term “automobile” - when describing cars. Then, based upon the particulars of each transgender person - you could include the vehicle’s make and model.

As with cars, there’s a wide range of manifestations within the broad group, including: transsexuals, cross dressers, transvestites and fetish genderists. This wide variety is one reason society at large struggles with understanding trans-issues: there’s many variations.

Most commonly, transgender women are considered distinctive & different based upon:
Who describes us
How far we intend to go in our transformation
Where we are in the transformation process
How we identify in our sexual orientation
Proper Transgender Terminology

The proper terminology for various forms of transgender expression is often considered important to trans-people. Some gals consider the other labels insulting.

For instance: if you call a transsexual woman a cross dresser, transvestite, TV or shemale? She will most likely be offended. Using improper terms can cause lots of unneeded frustration.

The simplest solution?

You can’t go wrong calling any such person “a transgender woman”.

Gender Identity versus Sexual Orientation

There's an endless number of transgender permutations based upon the degree of transgenderism that’s inborn. Thus, some people satisfy this need with an occasional donning of a wig, makeup and a dress while others are only happy living full-time as women and completing gender reassignment surgery.

Unique “labels” are associated with most common forms of transgender expression including: crossdressers, transvestites, DRAG queens, and transsexual women. There’s even trans-men: born-women who are compelled to represent and perhaps someday become male.

Transgenderism is often classified as a subset of the gay community – hence “GLBT”. However, it’s there that the similarity ends.

First off: it doesn’t cost $50,000 - $100,000 just to be gay. Also, transgenderism is about gender identity whereas our GLBT brethren are rooted in sexual orientation.

What’s the difference between sexual orientation vs. gender identity?

Sexual orientation is about who you want to go to bed with.

Gender identity is about who you want to go to bed as.

Sound like only a subtle difference? It’s not. No gay man wants to be intimate while dressed like a woman and the majority of transgender women have no sexual interest in men. It’s estimated that over 80% of transgenders are not even bisexual - let alone homosexual. Most are completely heterosexual males - who have an alternative gender identity they feel compelled to occasionally express.
Got it?

#Transsexual: The #Crossdresser’s Survival Guide #Transvestite. #femdom

Introduction to Cross Dressing

Afraid you can’t pass in public?

Once you've been dressing or living as a woman for a long while, it's easy to forget there’s lots of wonderful people just starting to explore their female side. Such new girls usually don't yet know a pump from a mule when it comes to women's shoes. I didn't when I started.

The internet changed everything for all of us. If you can't learn enough on-line to at least look fairly femme? I'm afraid I'm going to ask you to turn in your panties. *Laugh* There's just too much good information and too many nice, helpful people for you not to at least achieve your basic female goal.

One problem? There's literally too much information. Thus, I tried to organize what I consider to be the very best sites and ideas on particular issues - with dressing for first timers and early stages in mind. 

I hope it helps you a little.

getting organized

The first thing I'd suggest is set up a binder with tabs, (or files) for each of the information categories of interest to you - shopping, wigs, make up, etc. This will give you a place to keep good ideas for easy reference in the future.

One thing that helped me a great deal was printing web pages containing information I needed and storing them for later use. It's amazing how many little details you forget, when you actually start to try something new.

You'll find links throughout my home page to other sites with great ideas. I suggest you keep a set of bookmarks on sites related specifically to your female development. I still wish I could find some of the places I discovered early on, but failed to bookmark.

think you could never look feminine?

 Lots of new gals get slightly depressed when they begin their feminine journey. Why? Many feel they got to the party too late. They believe they're too old to start seriously pursuing this interest. Others look at photos of some knock-out-tranny and silently mutter - I could never look anything like her.

Guess what? You’re wrong! Almost every male on the planet can appear lovely as a woman with appropriate style & skills. When I first began dressing? My appearance would have frightened small children and most adults. Fortunately, I didn't put anybody through that misery...although my poor dog got plenty nervous with the results. *Grin*

I regret having thrown away my earliest photo's, but trust me - I looked hideous! The pretty woman inside couldn't seem to find her way into the image staring back from my mirror.

The photos you see? They're not my worst. Rather, they were taken as a celebration for my having lost 15 pounds. Can you imagine what I looked liked with another couple of chins? *Smile*

At only 5'9, I tipped the scales at well over 200 pounds. My once athletic thighs turned flabby from years of shuffling papers. When it came to applying make-up? I didn't even know what foundation & blush were - let alone how to use them.

Before After

I only knew one thing: I had a burning desire to express a female side of my persona.

Renee's adventure began slowly with the acquisition of select silky coverings from Victoria's Secret and other appealing lingerie . Before long, a wig was added to her arsenal. As time passed, additional accessories kept finding their way into her secret stash.

My new persona would don these dainty items every month or so relishing their softness. I'd usually become sexually excited by this process. However, the further I went? The more I just felt contentment & joy.

I shall always recall the first time I shaved that forest from her chest and midriff. What a mess! *Laugh* I had to use a powerful drain cleaner to unclog the pipes.

Guess what else happened? The drain cleaning mixture ate right through the PVC pipes...resulting in an expensive visit by a plumber. To add insult to injury? My chest broke out in a rash and itched for days.

What a blonde moment that was.

don't be blonde

If you had a chance to start your life over as a child...knowing what you know now - ever considered what you'd differently?

If your like most of us, you'd probably focus on enjoying the process of growing up a bit more, wouldn't you?

Guess what? You're about to get that second chance. 

You're starting on a lovely journey towards finding happiness with all of you. There's a myriad of pleasurable and divine sites along this way. Take the time to relish each phase of your development.

Let me clue you in on an important secret to transgender happiness. No matter how hard you try...and no matter how much you learn? You'll always find another t-girl prettier than yourself.

Know what else?

Who cares?

This is for your pleasure - not anyone else's. If you define yourself by others? You'll never be happy.

I can promise you this: beauty - comes from the inside not the exterior surface. Beauty is not something you's something you bring out. Many sisters get so caught up in trying to improve their appearance that they fail to enjoy the pleasure of becoming beautiful.

Enjoy this second childhood while it lasts. Make it a fun and healthy one - and you'll become a balanced and happy adult t-girl in the years ahead.

Try to hurry it, and you'll eventually have to deal with your childhood issues again - when things are a lot more complicated.

Sound familiar? It should.

Listen to your own advice...and have some fun!

Smiling often - is what life is really all about...

#Sissy Mistress: #Transvestite #Transformation #Femdom

#Transsexual: Deciding to #Transition or Not. #Femdom

As never before, transgender women are starting transition at a record pace.

Why’s that?

Simple: easy access to information via the internet. There was a ton of gals hidden by shame & ignorance before the connectivity of information. Add those to all the new, younger trans-women just arriving on the scene? Looks like a stampede at times.

The path is also easier thanks to the efforts of many pioneers. However, along with this easier way comes new problems.

Previously, there was the “Harry Benjamin Standards of Care” which outlined detailed steps that insured a person who identified as transgender followed a transition path that confirmed they would face no regrets later. These essential milestones assured we knew what we were doing & confirmed our resolution.

For all intents & purposes? Those qualifications are now mostly collecting dust.
Deciding to Transition

You'd be hard pressed to find a trans-gal that can detail these important prerequisites: present company included. Thus, our’s is the new reality. Not saying its better or worse: just a fact. Thus, I’m not going to fight it - I'm here to help you manage it more successfully.

Fair enough?

Why Do You Feel This Intense Need to Change Gender?

There's enough research to accurately determine that our need to express an alternative gender from the one we’re born is caused by varied degrees of masculinzation to the brain during our evolution in the womb.

Every mammal is first conceived female: it's the default gender. Every once and awhile the most complex organ on the body - the human brain - doesn’t successfully compete the light speed trek to its final gender. Thus, you end up with a male body being born with a female brain.

Sounds familiar, huh?

What you’re dealing with is an inborn medical condition. It’s very real. It’s also challenging to handle and remain content without further resolution.

Are You Sure?

I will forever recall being in a transgender-based chat room when a gal announced to the room that she’d just started hormones.

The chat-comments were immediately awash with non-stop “congratulations” to this gal. However, I can promise if you said that to any trans-woman whose actually “completed” a successful transition? Her support would be slow. My response remains cautious: Are you sure?

The reason I ask is that I can’t begin to tell you how difficult this will be and how much longer it takes to accomplish then most people realize.

“But Renee: ‘Being a girl’ is all I think about”

I know that feeling, GF: but please ponder this: since this condition is situated in our brain, it's easy for it to become an obsession. Add the fact it often stimulates sexual impulses? It’s only natural for lots of gals to think of nothing except becoming a woman.

Most of us vividly recall wanting & needing to be a girl at an early age. As we passed puberty, those impulses never went away but our levels of testosterone often offset the degree. As we got older & our levels of testosterone decline? You guessed it...we end up on a collision course with gender identity disorder.

Please Do Me This Favor

I want you to carefully read...then re-read - the following quote from Epicurus:

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not;
but remember that what you now have
was once among the things you only hoped for.”

Changing your gender will not make you happy. Its but one possible solution to a medical condition known as gender identity disorder. If you proceed with transition, it's going to wreak havoc upon your life the likes of which you could never imagine: family, friends, career, finances, and your love-life and sex life.
Chill Pill

Once you change physiologically - your sexual desires will dramatically decline. You will no longer seek a mirror or a crowd to validate your feelings. In fact, you often prefer to avoid mirrors like every other woman. 

If you're lucky enough and you fight hard just might end up looking pretty hot. finally get to play “Cinderella”…come strolling into a big event...dressed to the nines...looking hot - and nobody knows you’re transgender. That fantasy ever come to mind?

I know: we all shared that vision at one point along the way. However - it’s not a lot of fun if you finally accomplish it with no job or friends & family for loving support.

Take your time with this decision. It’s a big one! 

Transvestite: Hypnotic Feminization for Transsexuals.

Feminization, as the term implies, is the conscious effort to adapt feminine traits. It is trying to transform from male to female through adapting the latter’s behavior, speech, actions among other things. It is a bold expression of breaking gender standards for personal satisfaction.

A typical example of feminization is cross-dressing. This is where men wear women’s clothing and accessorize themselves with feminine things so as to obtain the appearance of a female. It has become a popular practice among transsexuals; especially now that we live in a world with fewer inhibitions.
  These individuals dress up in a feminine way so as to gain personal satisfaction, express themselves, gain attention and attract other people. Cross-dressing has become a trend in transsexuals especially during social gatherings and other similar occasions.

A more aggressive practice of feminization is through availing of the expertise of medical experts and the like for actual physical transformation. Some examples are introducing female hormones to the male body so as to allow bodily changes that could make him look more feminine.
  Facial feminization is another example where the man undergoes reconstruction usually in the form of surgery to appear more feminine. Another is through having breast implants and similar materials to appear to have breasts. Some transsexuals even have their genitals replaced by that of a female.

Other popular practices are Forced Feminization and Hypnotic feminization. In forced feminization, the male is forced to become feminine in behavior, appearance and acts usually by a female. This is to illustrate and exaggerate a certain form of dominance of the female towards the opposite sex.
  Through doing this, there is re-assignment of power which causes personal satisfaction to the one in control. It is a form of role-playing where the shift allows one party or both to fulfill their secret desires even on for a short period of time only. Usually, there is a superficial refusal be the inferior one as he also enjoys the whole feminization act.
  Another type is Hypnotic Feminization. This is where a male is hypnotized so as to allow him to reach a superficial level of existence where he gets to enjoy having the traits of a female. While on trance, he experiences appearing, feeling and talking like a female. For more sexually oriented hypnosis, he even gets to experience having female body parts such as the genital as well as breasts. This process enables the subject to fulfill his desires to actually become a female even temporarily.

#Transsexual: Get yourself #feminized and #pegged

Pegging, for the uninitiated, is the sexual practice in which a woman penetrates a man's anus with a strap-on dildo. The term "officially" entered the lexicon in 2001, when it won a contest Dan Savage hosted to name the act. Maybe you love pegging, maybe it doesn't interest you at all, maybe you're not quite sure how you feel — but if it's something that you and your partner are curious to try, then by all means, go for it. We reached out to our friends at Good Vibrations and Babeland to glean a few tips for the novices among us. 

"We’ve been talking about and educating our customers on pegging since the 1980s," Good Vibrations' Product & Purchasing Manager Coyote Days tells us, "though it wasn’t until the 1990s and early 2000s that the notion of male anal pleasure began to show up in the media (remember the scene in The Sopranos when Janice Soprano pegs her lover Ralph Cifaretto?)." Pegging, Days says, "is linked to stimulation of the prostate, [which] can be incredibly pleasurable for many men."

Pleasure aside, unfortunately there's still a stigma attached to heterosexual men enjoying prostate stimulation (we look forward to a future in which nerve endings aren't subject to homophobic judgment). That's why Days stresses the importance of communication between partners before the dildo even comes out of the drawer. "Talk about what experiences each person has had previously with anal penetration, pegging, or prostate stimulation — then start from there," she suggests. "We recommend starting anal exploration with fingers and moving to a slender toy like the Charm 1... The toy shown on Broad City is definitely not a starter dildo!" 

Other key elements to a pleasurable experience: lube, as the anus doesn't self-lubricate, and a slow start. "Your partner is in charge when they’re on the receiving end, and your job is to give them pleasure," explains Claire Cavanah, Babeland's co-founder. "This will happen when you take it slow and let them set the pace. Lube is essential — choose a water-based formula if you’re using a silicone dildo. Lube up both the dildo and your partner’s butt."

Pegging don'ts: "Do not rush. Do not use a desensitizer. This is a great time to take it slow and enjoy the sensations!" Days says. "Pegging feels great and can be a pleasurable experience for both people involved, as long as there is plenty of communication (and lube)." And, in the words of Abbi's best friend Ilana, if your partner is into it, don't be afraid to "plow it like a queen."

Feminization Hypnotherapy for Transwoman Transsexual

We live in an age where being transsexual is no longer taboo. Society has learned to acknowledge their existence and rights. As these individuals have become more and more aggressive in expressing their sexuality, feminization has become a popular practice for them.

Feminization is the shift made by a man to adapting more feminine traits, appearance, behavior as well as lifestyle. It is the conscious effort of a man to transform his ways into that of a woman. In humans, the biological approach of achieving this is through introduction of female hormones to the male body. This then causes changes such as body transformations and behavioral adaptation. It is a drastic move for those who are more or less decided to become feminine. Feminization has several types including Forced Feminization.
  Forced Feminization is forcing the male to become more feminine. As psychological studies interpret it, refusal usually is superficial as the subject experiences hidden pleasure or enjoyment in doing what he is asked to do. This involves asking the man to speak, behave, appear and act feminine. It evolves around a power play – it is where there is an effort to shift assignments and expectations.

It is creating an environment where the woman is designed to enjoy dominance over men. A typical set-up is where the man is instructed to behave in a, more or less, exaggerated womanly fashion. He is asked to portray popular feminine rules such as nurses, secretaries and the like. This type of feminization is usually with sexual orientation where the appearance and behavior of the man is changed into something suggestive. An example of this practice is the forcing of prisoners to become feminine as part of sexual slavery.
  Unlike forced feminization, hypnotic feminization involves a willing subject. This is done through putting the male into trance-like experience where he gets to enjoy how it feels to be a woman. This is done so as to allow the male to actually feel, think and act as a female. It is using hypnosis to fulfill a fantasy of having a female body. This also allows the male to behave and react to his imaginary environment as a female.

It is a type of feminization that is rather conservative as knowledge that such process took place is limited to the male and the one who controls it. Feminization through hypnosis can be temporary as its duration depends on how the party who initiated it is controlling the process. If so desired, the feminization experience vanishes as soon as the hypnotism prcess ends, unless you want it to continue, you can keep using hypnosis to reinforce those sensations.

#Transsexual: #Transgendered. #Tranny Love

Another story from a reader:
Went into a bar in key west and it turned out it was a gay bar. Plenty of rather good looking trannies though, I found out accidently. I was watching one sing on stage and it sounded good so I was applauding after all the songs. She/he kept winking at me and when the set was done she/ he came over and sat on my lap. 
I thought, I'm gonna score tonight not knowing this was a tranny. She was dressed to a T in a tight black dress and high heels. Well, she brought me upstairs to here room and we started to make out. She dropped her dress off and stood before me in a black bra, panties and garterbelt and stockings. Her panties were straining and I realized this was a tranny. He pulled the top of his panties down and a 9" cock sprung out. He/she was very dominant and told me to strip, which I did, and lay on the bed. 
She then sat on my chest and started rubbing that big cock all over my face and mouth. I was kinda drunk so I just went for it. Next thing I knew, his cock was in my mouth and I was getting face fucked wither I liked it or not. She pulled out just in time to stroke it a few more times and shoot load after load in my mouth and face. She slid down and gave me a nice slow BJ till I came in her mouth. 
 We ended up in a 69 till we had mutual orgasms then I cleaned up and left cause she had another set to perform. She did leave me her number though.

#Transsexual: #Transgendered? What is Sex with a #Tranny Like?

[UPDATE: This is not my story. I’m into rough sex with women. This story is from a reader and is designed to serve as a warning for the unwary.]

“This was awhile go, I went out with a friend to meet up with a girl he knew who was going out for her b-day, since she had a table and bottle service at some nicer club. Me and my friend got pretty fucked up on vodka and oxy’s before we left. I knew the girl, she was a cute Asian chick, and I knew she had cute friends. One of her friends I’ve never met was there, like 5’8, Chinese, fucking hot (looked like some kpop singer). The girl I knew introduced us, and we hit it off immediately, I kept drinking, I think I probably popped another Oxy, I was pretty faded.

“I remember her saying like twice “did you know I’m a man” she was hammered too, and I thought it was a joke and would respond with something like “fuck you” and she’d laugh. Were there signs? I dunno, maybe she was grinding against me too hard when we danced, when she grabbed my hand to go to the bar/outside for a smoke, maybe her grip was a little too strong. Maybe when we kissed she was too forceful and lacked that female sensuality. I was too gone to notice.

“When we left the club she came back to my place, she had some coke so I did like 2 lines. I was so fucking horny, and fucked up. We just started going at it, I took her pants off, and there was this shrivelled black thing. I forgot what our exact conversation was, I was too fucked up, I remember her being embarrassed and saying she told me and she didn’t think I cared, I was shocked but also too horny and fucked up to say no and I already went too far. We kept going at it, and one thing I remember is her pushing her shriveled little prick into my face when she was deepthroating me, in the 69 position. I kept trying to move away from it, but I eventually just gave in and let it penetrate my mouth. I remember tears coming down my face a little when I vaguely realized what I was doing, it had this weird chemically, salty taste.

“She eventually took a cab home, and I fell asleep. The next day I woke up like 3 in the afternoon, not wanting to believe what happened, but that hint of chemical taste in my mouth reminded me what happened. I was depressed about this for awhile, I sorta stopped associating with the group involved in this story out of shame. I stopped with the drug use since then also, I still feel like shit typing this out.