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#Transwomen: #Love having a #ladyboy girlfriend. #Transgendered

Reason #1: ladyboys are sexy 
Come on, of course that’s the main reason for everybody (and more importantly for the “virgins” — meaning, those who haven’t had their first experience yet). We all like ladyboys because most of the time they are way more sexy than real girls. Because they are in direct competition with real girls and they start the race with a handicap, they give lots of efforts to be sexy and please men… and they succeed! 
Reason #2: ladyboys are fun to be with 
Ladyboys are usually open and fun people to be with. More than real girls, they might have common interests with you (football, cars, video games, and such…) They might like to drink and party a lot, they obviously like to dance (and be sexy on the dancefloor), they usually like to sing and/or play an instrument (and yeah they can have beautiful voices).
Reason #3: ladyboys know how to make a man happy
 Sexually speaking, ladyboys know how to make a man happy, naturally. They know the male genital apparel as well as you do, and I must say that a real girl never gave me a better blow job than a ladyboy could give me. Because they’re similar to you, they can have a high sexual appetite, and that’s definitely a good reason to like ladyboys.
Reason #4: ladyboys are hype
Well, that might depend on the place where you live. But it’s just a matter of time! Transsexualism (and LGBT in general) is becoming a trend amongst the high society, the show biz and the “cool people”. Do you know how high is the LGBT population in San Francisco / Los Angeles? You can’t disagree that California is THE place for trendy/open/cool people, and this is exactly you can find the most LGBT people (transsexuals included). Talking about Europe, London, Berlin or Madrid are very cool places for transsexuals too!
Reason #5: ladyboys don’t get pregnant
I always do safe sex (and so should you! especially if you date LGBT people) but one good point in having a ladyboy girlfriend is that she will never get unexpectedly pregnant. If you decide to have a kid together someday, well, that will be a matured decision for the both of you while going to the adoption process, and not something unexpected!
Reason #6: ladyboys don’t have periods
Little detail that has its importance; ladyboys don’t have periods and are available full time for intimate moments :)
Reason #7: ladyboys are hard-working and down-to-earth
Another reason why I like ladyboys is because they are very down-to-earth. Starting life with a disadvantage is not easy. Being able to fill up that gap and becoming a complete woman (and even possibly better woman than the average real women) is an impressive performance and I admire this. It requires hard-work, it requires to defeat the challenges and fight against discrimination and such… That makes ladyboys down-to-earth people who know better than anybody that life is a bitch, but are strong enough to overcome the difficulties. 
Ladyboys are the best of both worlds. They have everything that real girls have, they are feminine, sexy, and all… And they also feature many good aspects of the male personality which make it more pleasant to be with a ladyboy than to be with a real girl.
And you, what are your reasons to like ladyboys? Have you ever experienced being with a ladyboy or are you willing to make the first step towards it? Comments are open.

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