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Of course men want to have sex with us!  But the stigma of having a transgender girlfriend, and how it will destroy their life with family and friends, scares them to death. (that's how they feel)

Look, we as transgender women who transition, have to jump ALL those hurdles, AND MORE, to try and fit the gender we are.  Therapy, electrolysis, hormones, surgeries, transitioning to full time status, facing odds of abuse, taunting, being laughed at, and on and on...just to be who we really are, and so OTHERS won't be 'uncomfortable' around us. 

The LEAST you guys could do is step up to the plate, and BE REAL.  Yes, your friends might find it 'different' or strange that you love transgender women, but your 'coming out' will help to kill that ugly stigma that so many are so fearful of identifying with.

Society needs to be marinated in this change in order for it to be 'ok' with it.  The religious brand may never get there, because it does not fit with their Bronze Age mentality...but for God's sake, STEP UP YOUR GAME!

Love you guys, and I mean the best for you and us by this.  Together, we can be free of the talons of stigma. 

When a straight man finds me attractive, he is not turned on by my chromosomes...he is attracted to me because I'm a woman.  Most straight men are attracted to femininity, the look, the curves, the voice, the smell, the difference that makes women attractive to them.

So no, straight men are straight, not gay, if they find a woman sexually attractive that just happens to be transgender.  Even if the woman has that male 'part', it doesn't define her or him as far as attraction and/or love.

No, not all straight men are going to allow themselves to love a woman who is trans, but that is on THEM, not the fact that they are attracted to us as women.

Times are changing.  More and more men are coming out as to their proclamation of love to their women who happen to be trans.

We are women...let's stop the silliness
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