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How do you find the perfect #transsexual girlfriend? #Orchiectomy #transgendered

How would most guys define the “perfect” transsexual girlfriend?
No Perfect Transgender Women

Let’s see…probably something like this: a beautiful, completely passable and single transsexual woman that has a fully functional penis with no plans to change that configuration and whose also attracted to men, whose drug and disease free, whose had breast augmentation and with long, beautiful hair that’s all her own, whose not looking to get paid for visiting with you and whose life is relatively drama-free.


Does that sound about right?

Unfortunately, I’ve got some bad news.

That girl?

She doesn’t exist.

Why’s that?

Let’s dissect the “parts” of this perfect transsexual woman:

A Gender Transition is Absolutely Brutal

A gender transition is absolutely devastating on a trans-girl’s life. 41% of the transgender community attempt suicide compared with 1.6% of the general population: ugh! Family members usually disown a transgender person. Few companies hire trans-women unless she presents flawlessly - which takes lots of time and money. We usually end up in extreme poverty - trans women are four times more likely to have a household income of less than $10,000 compared to the general public.

Thus? Living a drama-free life?

That’s often difficult given these circumstances.

Most Successful TS Women are Post-Operative

Lots of guys attracted to transgender women will ponder: “Why would she ever remove her penis - it’s what makes her hot and special? For some transsexual women? They hate that appendage - felt it didn’t belong from the onset. However, for lots of other transsexuals? They understand it creates lots of life and career challenges that sometimes improve once she completes GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery).

Simply stated?

There’s no place for pre-operative transsexual women in our binary gender society - with health care, showers, women’s restrooms and many jobs. Thus, most transsexual women who now have their life together - including a decent job and who are past much of the drama associated with being transsexual? They’re post-operative - aka = they no longer have a penis.

The only jobs that pay for non-op transsexual woman?

Pornography professional escorting.

Few Transsexual Women are “fully functional”

Very few transsexual women remain functional with the use of their penis over time. The HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) we consume to create a more feminine platform causes our male parts to become far less responsive.

Girls that work in the sex trade often take Viagra and Ciallis to overcome this issue, but most other girls have no desire to perform in that manner.

Equally important?

Almost no TS woman is wanting to use her male parts on you!

Drugs and STD’s are part of our culture

Very few trans women haven’t done drugs at some point in their journey. Drugs represent an escape from reality. Since our reality often sucks? Drug use is common.

Also, lots of transsexual women have some sort of communicable disease: Hep-C, HIV, Herpes - tends to go with the turf.

We have many physical flaws

Changing a gender from male to female is very challenging. Subsequently creating a stunning example of femininity from that starting point? It’s nearly impossible. However - doing all that - without natural flaws? That’s asking too much.

Almost every transsexual woman wears wigs or hair extensions. Additionally, we often deal with issues like continued facial and body hair growth. Even some of our best man-made features come with occasional challenges.

We work hard to create a platform that will allow us to function seamlessly in society in our new gender. Yeah, we also want to be considered “pretty”.

But accomplishing all that - naturally?


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