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#Transwoman: Why Do Straight Men #Love #Transgendered Women? #Tranny

Gender Diversity and Sexual Attraction:
Why Do Straight Men Love Transgendered Women?

Written by: Candace Suzanne

Why do so many straight men want to have sex with or to be in love with transgendered women? I have thought about, discussed, and researched this phenomenon for years and it boils down to this:

We LOVE being women more than most genetic women.
And much more important than that… We do not ever take our femininity for granted the way so many genetic women do. Many of us have sacrificed home, family, friends, careers, fortunes, and hours and hours of hard work each day to be the women we have become.
That is what I believe turns men on the most, the "Hey, Look at me; I'm sexy!" attitude that their wives and girlfriends have either lost or never have gotten quite right. He is probably afraid of the whole homo-thing of course... but quite needlessly so. I have found that the men who date me are more courageous and more masculine and more loving of sexy women than anyone who would not or could not love a special lady. 

Sometimes a gentleman just wants to be with a woman who really loves being a woman. He longs for a woman who appreciates his desires and his need to look at, to talk with, to touch, to kiss, and to love a woman in high heels, nylons, lipstick, lace, and perfume with soft smooth shiny skin. He desires a woman who gives her undivided attention just to him. He wants a woman who does not make him feel stupid, queer, or unmasculine when he expresses his love of her femininity and his deepest longings to her. 

There may be some fetishistic components to the desire of straight men for all women who do the girlie girl thing including transgendered women. Men do love women who wear nylons, high heels, and lipstick. Their overall perception of women and femininity was conditioned by years and years of reinforcement (mostly masturbatory and orgasmic) by the ultra feminine stereotype of womanhood... by so-called "real" women.
Perhaps there even may be one or two ultra feminine women in their lives... mother, aunt, sister, wife who started out ultra feminine and girlish but who gave up her ideal of femininity (in his eyes) after marriage or childbirth... leaving him all alone in the lurch with his attraction to feminine glamorous girlie-girl women unrequited for evermore!

Why shouldn't every man, at least once in his life, have his greatest fantasies and deeply instilled desires fulfilled? Television, advertising, movies, pornography, an occasional woman or two in public, or perhaps even his own wife or girlfriend already have teased him for years and years while intentionally or unintentionally holding the object of his greatest unfulfilled desires just out of his reach. This all too common form of sexual suppression and repression seems sadly and needlessly cruel to me.

When a married man comes to me because I love to wear lipstick and nail polish and lacy underwear and nylons and high heels and long hair with ribbons and bows as I flirt and smile and tease, I know he is cheating on his wife and I hate to be a part of all that. However, I also know that his desire is so intense that it goes right to the very depths of his soul. Stimulating that desire and satisfying it goes right to the very depths of mine.

The greatest compliments that I have ever received have been from men who say that I make them feel more like a man than any other woman ever has. The most satisfying thing to me is to be able nurture his deep desire and to satisfy his deepest longings in ways that no other woman ever has or will… and to do so willingly... the way a loving mother tenderly feeds and nurtures a hungry child.
To me, Nurture IS the very essence of femininity and it defines me as a woman, fulfills my desires, and satisfies the deepest longings in my soul as well. 
Just so we completely understand each other, I choose to identify myself as a Straight Woman and I only identify with straight women but not with “TV, CD, TG, TS, tranny, or shemale”. I never ever wanted to be one of those acronyms, diagnoses, or slang epithets. All I ever wanted to be is just a girl. My desire for a man is only as a straight woman.
I do not desire to be or to be thought of as gay or bisexual… even though at some technical level, I suppose, I just might very well be. “Top-Bottom-BI” talk directed at me sickens me and is highly insulting to me and to everything that I have sacrificed in my life just to be a woman.

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