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#Transwoman: #Sissyboy training, #Transgender Intro. #effeminate

You do not have to make friends with other females. You do not even have to be "one of them."

What you SHOULD do is to modify the clothing you wear: wear pale, bright colors. Colors such as pink, pale blue, lavender, pale green, and white are perfect colors for your outfit. In contrast, you should also avoid dark, neutral colors such as black, brown, navy, and grey. Those colors are too masculine for a sissy boy.

Wear tight jeans to accentuate your feminine and caring personality. Avoid baggy jeans or regular-fit jeans at all cost. Those jeans are associated with confidence and ruggedness, and it is crucial to avoid those fits expect the tight-fit jeans.

Also, your jeans should be light-colored. Avoid dark-wash jeans. Darker-wash jeans are a more serious look, which is not good for a sissy boy.

Other than jeans, you can wear shorts. Stick with shorts with a shorter inseam. That is, shorts which end high above the knees. No, you do not have to wear those "short-shorts" which women wear. Just shorts which are shorter than the typical men's shorts. 

You can also wear leggings to accessorize your sissy look. Leggings accentuate your skinny legs, so it is perfect if you want to appear weak and feminine. Black leggings are fine, but if you find white leggings or pastel-colored leggings, then they are perfect for the sissy boy.

Tights are great too! Just stay away from the nude colors. Also, you should wear opaque, thicker tights, rather than sheer, thinner tights. Thicker tights cover any hair that is on your legs, so they are perfect for the sissy boy.

For shoes, you can stick with canvas sneakers. You know, sneakers which are similar to the design of Keds, Converse, Vans, etc. Those designs are feminine and delicate, and are perfect for the sissy. If you have the guts, however, you can wear ballet flats. But only if you do not care what other people think.

If you do this, people would already judge you to be a feminine sissy boy. If you wear tight jeans, pink clothing, lavender clothing, and colorful canvas shoes; then people will ALREADY think of you as a feminine boy, so you do not have to ACT that way to prove it. That is a good thing, because do not have to spend too much time acting. Buying some of those clothes is worth the investment because people will INSTANTLY recognize you to be a sissy boy by the way you dress; you do not have to spend too much time acting like one. 

In general, your outfit should resemble the "scene girl" look. You know, they wear soft pastel colors, and look ultra-feminine. A lot of other people will judge you to be "feminine" by the way you dress! Enjoy!

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