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#Transsexual: #Transwoman #Transgender Disconnect.

The shemale transsexual disconnect

If your interest in transsexual women was born from erotic imagery of “shemales” - you’re in for a rude awakening if you try turning those fantasy images into reality.

Real transsexual women aren’t usually into much of what you find alluring in tranny porn flicks. Most aren’t willing - even able - to deliver many fantasies you might envision.

Thus, there’s a huge disconnect between your shemale fantasies and a transsexual woman’s reality.

Wait: isn’t a shemale actually a transsexual woman?

Sort of - but there’s a big difference. The term “shemale” was invented by the porn industry to help market erotic imagery of pre-operative transsexual women. However, the lifestyles and sexual interests represented in these movies are polar to most real transsexual’s leanings.

Are the intimate desires of straight women featured in XXX movies just like the natural-born women you’ve known or dated?
Of course not.

We’re NOT a woman - with a penis “attached”

As I mentioned earlier, when most men watch shemale porn what they see and perceive is a woman - with a penis “attached”. That’s not what we are.

We’re transsexual women. We were born male with female brain configuration. We spent years feeling lost and ugly because of this mistake. We went through hell with our life, our friends, our family and our futures making changes to bring our mind and bodies in congruence.

Shemale porn is the bane of most transsexual women’s existence

Most transsexual women dread meeting a guy whose attraction was born from watching XXX trans movies. Imagine if natural women faced the challenge - if almost every guy they met only knew about women from watching pornography and from that? He surmised what women felt, wanted and liked.

That - is exactly what transsexual women often face when we date men. What these men want, need and expect is derived from fantasies created through shemale erotica.

This often creates a basis for frustration with both parties.

Where do you go from here?

Still want to try and make your transsexual dream a reality? That - is what this section and the hundreds of pages of original content I took the time to write are designed to help achieve. Transsexuals are not for everybody. However, for some? We’re the most fulfilling path towards complete sexual and emotional contentment.

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