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#Feminization #Spanking My New #sissyboy Male Slave #BDSM

Listen to my audio here.
I take a very hands on approach to the training of a male sex slave.
Men are unruly little boys at heart… and bad boys do need spanking.
A woman’s long leather glove leaves such a lovely imprint on a bare male ass.

With this in mind I decided to record the following femdom audio. The subject of male spanking is an amusing one to me, so this serves as more than just an introduction to those of you wishing to submit… it also puts a nasty good smile on my face -


  1. I agree and wish my gf would realize how important it is to give me my first spanking if she is ever to get me to act the way she to... but she is just not into it... any suggestions on other things she can do OR any one want to do it for her.. I'm sure she would let any willing female????

  2. I'm waiting for a good hard spankinh

  3. I'm waiting for a good hard spankinh