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#Transsexual: #Transgendered? What is Sex with a #Tranny Like?

[UPDATE: This is not my story. I’m into rough sex with women. This story is from a reader and is designed to serve as a warning for the unwary.]

“This was awhile go, I went out with a friend to meet up with a girl he knew who was going out for her b-day, since she had a table and bottle service at some nicer club. Me and my friend got pretty fucked up on vodka and oxy’s before we left. I knew the girl, she was a cute Asian chick, and I knew she had cute friends. One of her friends I’ve never met was there, like 5’8, Chinese, fucking hot (looked like some kpop singer). The girl I knew introduced us, and we hit it off immediately, I kept drinking, I think I probably popped another Oxy, I was pretty faded.

“I remember her saying like twice “did you know I’m a man” she was hammered too, and I thought it was a joke and would respond with something like “fuck you” and she’d laugh. Were there signs? I dunno, maybe she was grinding against me too hard when we danced, when she grabbed my hand to go to the bar/outside for a smoke, maybe her grip was a little too strong. Maybe when we kissed she was too forceful and lacked that female sensuality. I was too gone to notice.

“When we left the club she came back to my place, she had some coke so I did like 2 lines. I was so fucking horny, and fucked up. We just started going at it, I took her pants off, and there was this shrivelled black thing. I forgot what our exact conversation was, I was too fucked up, I remember her being embarrassed and saying she told me and she didn’t think I cared, I was shocked but also too horny and fucked up to say no and I already went too far. We kept going at it, and one thing I remember is her pushing her shriveled little prick into my face when she was deepthroating me, in the 69 position. I kept trying to move away from it, but I eventually just gave in and let it penetrate my mouth. I remember tears coming down my face a little when I vaguely realized what I was doing, it had this weird chemically, salty taste.

“She eventually took a cab home, and I fell asleep. The next day I woke up like 3 in the afternoon, not wanting to believe what happened, but that hint of chemical taste in my mouth reminded me what happened. I was depressed about this for awhile, I sorta stopped associating with the group involved in this story out of shame. I stopped with the drug use since then also, I still feel like shit typing this out.

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