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Understanding and Loving your #Transsexual #Erotic Girlfriend #Transgender

Transsexual Sex

Female I’m assuming you know by now that if you call your transsexual girlfriend a “shemale”? Sex - is probably the last thing you’ll get.

Sex with a Transsexual Woman

Sex with a transgender woman is not nearly as different from intimacy with a born-gal as some think. 
What’s Different?

Lets hope you already shared a passionate kiss: we all tend to need a requisite amount of romance before jumping in the sack. I mention
that first - because a bit of residual facial hair is common for most TS women. You might not see it: but you’ll perhaps feel it during a hot kiss.What’s the same?

Emotional Vulnerability from Sex - As with our born female counterparts, transsexual women are also made emotionally vulnerable from sharing sexual intimacy. This is because of hard wiring (a female brain) and reduced testosterone (from t-blockers or surgeries). Thus, we can’t easily dissociate sex from love-like feelings. Yeah…I know: you wish that feature was left out. *Laugh* 
What Varies from One Transsexual Woman to Another When it comes to sex

There is a VERY wide variety 
Passability: Being “passable” as a transsexual woman is a function of many things - and a very long and grueling process to achieve. It requires creating a feminine appearance and developing a style that causes her to not stand out as transgender. While some transgender women start off very feminine in their appearance from the onset - most don’t. Our voices are perhaps the most challenging aspect to make into a flawless presentation. Thus, becoming very passable is a long, expensive and grueling evolution.

Wigs & Extensions versus her real hair:Most guys would much prefer a TS woman whose hair is all her own. Alas, most trans-women would prefer a guy whose 6’3, with a nice physique and lots of income. Alas? We get what we get. Few transsexual women are able to get by with just their own hair. For some? They must wear wigs 24/7. For others? That thick and healthy mane is derived from hair extensions. If that bothers you? You need to get over it - in a hurry! 

Facial hair stubble: I can’t begin to describe the pain, cost and time associated with facial hair removal for most transsexual women. Electrolysis is a brutal process: comparable to having a bee sting you lip. Now, imagine that bee sting occurring for two hours straight, three days a week - for two years. And yes - you’re swollen from those stings each day after treatment. Even after completing a thorough run of electro - many transsexual women still have some residual facial hair stubble. It doesn’t show outwardly - which is why its not worth going back through the anguish of more electrolysis. However, when you kiss her passionately? You might feel it.

Body hair stubble: Years of HRT therapy and/or an orchiectomy or GRS plus a thorough shaving usually creates a very smooth body for a TS woman. However, even then - our body hair tends to grow back faster and more coarse than our born women counterparts. It’s not something we like or can help - just comes with the turf. If you’re girlfriend is a part-time cross dresser? Even complete shaving won’t sometimes fully remove the stubble - although this is usually only noticed if she’s pressed against the smoother skin of a born-female.

Breast Augmentation: Yeah, every trans woman and most of the people attracted to them tends to like it when they own a full pair of breasts. Many admirer’s distinguish a transsexual from a cross dresser by this feature. 
Our breast growth starts with a hormone replacement regimen which results in a certain amount of breast tissue growth comparable to pre-teen females. For some TS women - this growth from HRT is more pronounced - depending upon the genetics inherited from her mother and the intensity of the regimen she’s undergoing.

Most often, full time TS women use this platform to install breast implants that look ideally feminine. Although some TS stick with their HRT induced breasts - either because of limited financial means or personal preference.

Hips & Buttocks Augmentation: A very small handful of trans-women were born with a fairly natural feminine ass. However, those “big ass” images you see in porn on certain trans-women? Those are all man-made. 

Body Softness: That outer layer of softness found on most women’s bodies is less prevalent with transsexual women - depending upon how long she’s been on testosterone blockers, had an orchiectomy (testicales removed) or GRS. Her Feelings about her penis when it comes to sexual relations: Transsexual women vary widely about how they feel about their penis - particularly when it comes to sexual relations. For some? They do everything possible to pretend it doesn’t exist. Thus, with such a gal - she won’t want you to look at it, touch it, etc. during sex. She pretends it never existed and would prefer you do that same.

Other girls are a bit more open and playful regarding their male appendage. They often call it their “clit”. If they’re aroused - they’ll say they’re “wet”. They’ll refer to their ass as their pussy, etc. You get the idea…they make the best of what they have going.

Many gals can’t get or stay erect. Its a common side effect from many years of HRT therapy. 

Oral Sex
Lots of guys naturally attracted to pre & non-op transsexual women absolutely love giving oral sex to their transsexual female partner. To those men - the imagery of staring up at a lovely female face and large breasts while having her appendage between this lips is overwhelmingly erotic and exciting. 
We know this. However, if you fixate on it? It will weird her out.

Anal Sex
99% of transsexual women identify as “bottom”. They rarely have any desire or willingness to be the top in an intimate union.