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The #Feminization of Men #Agenda #gynarchy

I have reason to believe that the government is in the process of turning men into little pussies. We are living in a period of increased protests, riots, and uprisings against our corrupt "leaders". In an attempt to calm everybody down, our leaders are sneakily feminizing men, destroying the very traits that pose a threat to our corrupt masters. Throughout history, men have played the role of the protector, fighter, destroyer, leader, etc. In the recent decades, these roles have gradually diminished to the point where it is hard to tell apart the women from the men.
Genetically-modified foods (GMO) and the brainwashing entertainment industry are playing a huge role in turning men into little bitches, rendering them too afraid to stand up to corruption. I advise you not to dismiss this immediately as BS. Look into the subjects discussed below, conduct your own research, then draw your own conclusions. Question everything. I will briefly cover the nutritional aspect of this theory, and the rest will be aimed at the entertainment industry and how it's shaping the men of today.

Why Our Food is Turning Men into Pussies

First of all, what is GMO? GMO stands of genetically-modified organism.
Feminization of Men Agenda Through science, foods have been genetically modified to decrease the level of testosterone in men, while increasing their level of estrogen, literally turning them into women. Don't believe me? - there was study done on male rats. These rats were fed GMO foods. Although, the rats who ate the foods did not suffer any immediate effects, their offspring were shown to have diminished reproductive capabilities, and these traits were passed down to the proceeding generation, and a few generations later, the rats' reproductive systems were completely dysfunctional.
I advise you (my fellow reader) to research this further on your own. It will save your life and the lives of your friends and families.

Social Engineering via the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has always been used to program the masses. The propaganda we see in the media is shaping not only our culture, but the very manner in which people conduct themselves. Today, manly men are promoted as barbaric, overly-aggressive and evil. Instead, we are taught that masculine traits include being sensitive and passive. The agenda is to feminize men, stripping them of all of the qualities that would cause a threat to the powers that be. We can expect more films coming out that portray men as pussies, and women as heroes and saviors.
The most obvious example I've seen is in the Korean male pop stars. You see how they behave, how they dress, and you'll have trouble figuring out what gender they are. I was huge fan of Korean pop, and I noticed that many pop groups would do their own mini drama shows, where a couple of the members were gay for each other... fans eat this up like crazy, and they adopt such behaviors without realizing it.
Feminization of Men Agenda
Feminization of Men Agenda
Also notice the latest fashion trends. Fashion for men today confuses me. Skinny jeans, tight v-necks, scarves in the middle of the summer... wtf?
Feminization of Men Agenda
I have nothing against these kinds of clothing, but I must inform you that such tight clothing, particularly with skinny jeans, restricts blood circulation in the testicles, decreasing sperm production and testosterone in men. Just because your favorite pop-star, Justin Beiber wears skinny jeans, it doesn't mean you should either. Stop following the trend like a stupid robot. Use your brain and think for yourself.
When I first caught a glimpse of GLEE on TV, I was expecting to see plenty of singing. But instead, all I saw was drama and the promotion of homosexuality.
Feminization of Men Agenda
This is not intended to offend homosexuals. I have nothing against them. I must inform you, however, that by exposing all of this drama to our youth, it causes them to subconsciously adopt similar behaviors and attitudes. I blame GLEE for turning men into little bitches who would rather sing and dance, than to fight against corruption.
In Twilight, the chick has a choice between a muscular manly man and a skinny bitch of a vampire. She chooses the skinny bitch. She might as well have chosen another chick. Not that the werewolf kid was manly as he was also portrayed as a whiny little bitch; but at least his physique resembled that of a manly man.
Feminization of Men Agenda
What is the message here? Subconsciously our female youth are being programmed to prefer feminized men over manly men. This has discouraged boys from hitting the gym, playing sports, etc. Instead, they turn themselves into little girls, not just physically (through fashion and cosmetics), but in terms of character traits as well. As mentioned above, these are the very traits that pose a threat to the corrupt government. By destroying the traditional model of the male, they diminish the chances of being overthrown.
Is it any wonder why muscular guys these days are seen as disgusting? Is it any wonder why boys these days would rather go dancing at a club than to hit the gym? The entertainment industry is successfully programming our male youth to become stupid little bitches.
Feminization of Men Agenda
The examples are endless.

How to Prevent being Feminized