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#Transsexual:Celebrating #Feminized Men. #CaitlynJenner #caitlyn

Society is celebrating something they should be furious about!!(Feminized Men)

Society is currently rejoicing that men are becoming females, because they're able to be the gender they feel like they should be. The rate of men becoming women physically through surgery, seems higher than the other way around, for women becoming men. If this is wrong, please post the statistics, and I'll edit. We don't usually hear of women becoming men surgically. There may be tomboys (girl who exhibits characteristics or behaviors considered typical of a boy) out there, but I don't know of any actually having surgery.

This seems unusual, scientifically. If the only reason men are becoming females (through pills/surgery) these days is due to society being more accepting, then why aren't more females becoming males in the same way? Why is it lopsided?

A hypothesis: The change is not due to society becoming more accepting, it's due to men becoming more feminized and them pushing for more acceptance, because the majority of them are less masculine now.

"Various studies are indicating that unregulated chemicals released into the environment are causing male animals and humans to take on feminine characteristics.

Thousands of chemicals released into the environment are interfering with animal and human endocrine systems. These chemicals, nicknamed “gender-benders,” are causing the males in many species to become feminized.

In British lowland rivers, 50 percent of male fish were found to be growing eggs in their testes. Hermaphrodite polar bears have also been born.

Since all vertebrates have similar sex hormone receptors, the feminization of other animals could indicate a similar pattern in humans."

BPA plastics chemical found to feminize males

"University of Missouri researchers have evidence that BPA causes male deer mice to lose their masculinity and behave more like females. In fact, female mice sense something isn't quite "right" about BPA exposed males and don't want to mate with them.

The scientists conclude that exposure to BPA during human development could also be wreaking havoc on hormones and distorting and disrupting behavioral and cognitive traits that are unique to each sex and important in reproduction."

This study sets the stage for BPA researchers to examine how BPA might differentially impact the behavioral and cognitive patterns of boys versus girls,' Rosenfeld added. 'Investigators looking for obvious BPA-induced differences, such as chromosome deletions or DNA mutations, could be missing subtle behavioral differences that eventually lead to long-term adverse outcomes, including demasculinization of male behaviors with a decreased reproductive fitness.'"

The Feminization of Men Agenda - Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

"Through science, foods have been genetically modified to decrease the level of testosterone in men, while increasing their level of estrogen, literally turning them into women. Don't believe me? - there was study done on male rats. These rats were fed GMO foods. Although, the rats who ate the foods did not suffer any immediate effects, their offspring were shown to have diminished reproductive capabilities, and these traits were passed down to the proceeding generation, and a few generations later, the rats' reproductive systems were completely dysfunctional. "