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#Transsexual: #Feminization Achieve An Impossible Dream #CaitlynJenner #caitlyn

There is indeed a very big change in the way the world looks at men who have decided to become women. Talking about sex change was taboo. Men who have undergone a sex change were really brave or rare oddities.

The quest for feminization continues with spectacular medical breakthroughs. A man can be a woman physically and with a voice to match. There are several surgical services that have helped achieve an impossible dream. A transsexual or a man or woman who has undergone sex change surgery is a new emerging breed.

There are several feminization services. There is the hormonal replacement method, voice change, and a host of other overhauling procedures that are successful. Careful thought and planning must go hand-in-hand when considering feminization. The most crucial change after sex organ transformation is the facial surgery. In the feminization of the face, a good surgeon must be considered.

A surgeon looks at the bone structure. There is no formulaic surgery for facial feminization. Each surgery is individualized as some men are more feminine than others in the contours of their bone structure.

In this surgical process, modification is done with the mid-forehead, a chin is defined, and cheek bones are made to be more pronounced. The lower jaw is rounded to improve femininity. Before a surgery can be undertaken, an x-ray of the skull is carefully studied. This is also paired with artistic rendering of the feminine counterpart of the male face. Both are evaluated before surgical planning. Surgical re-contouring has made masculine faces very feminine.

With the face and the body already feminized, the voice has also to be adjusted to complement the new total look. Many take a surgical solution. There have been some sad stories about the results of the surgery. A new safer way to get that feminine voice is taking up vocal and tonal exercises. There are easy steps that can be done in the privacy of the home.