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Just How #Evil Are White #Women? #Racist

When I see stories in the news relating to various issues, I pay attention.  And what I’ve been noticing for many years now is just how disturbed white women are.
We’ve seen over the decades the insane things white men have done, but their women are not far behind.
What is glaring is just how depraved and love starved white women are.
Once, while in Wal-mart, there was a white woman in front of me at the check out line who got angry because the cashier didn’t card her for buying alcohol.  Huh?  That’s what my reaction was.  Apparently, the woman was offended because “she looked of age” to by alcohol–not underage.  I just shook my head…since when is it the responsibility of strangers to validate the insecurity of women like this woman who can’t accept the fact that she’s not young anymore.  And I’ll further add: If she was so insecure about drinking–GIVE UP THE ALCOHOL.

One area that I’ve noticed about white women is the ever growing trend of white teachers having sex with underage students.  There are the famous cases that have been in the news: but it seems to be some kind of epidemic. of
Why is this happening?  And what the hell is wrong with white women?

And then you have the famous cases of white women murdering their children–some having the audacity to blame a Black male for the crime until they are caught in their lie.

Diana Downs

Shot her three children, killing one in 1984

Susan Smith

Drowned her two sons in 1995

Andrea Yates

Drowned her 5 children in a bathtub in 2001

Julie Schenecker

Held: Julie Schenecker, 50, is led away by police officers after confessing to shooting her teenage children dead

Shot and killed her two kids in the head in 2011

Casey Anthony

Accused of killing her 6 year old daughter in 2008–Acquitted

Getting a clear picture?

When you look at these cases individually, one misses the pattern of behavior that persists in white women.

In all of these cases, these women were “alleged” to have some type of “disorder” or other psychological/mental condition that lead them to do the evil things they were caught doing.  Really?

Why is it when white people commit evil acts; they have to be given some type “issue” that has impaired their judgement while Black people are condemned?

I’m tired of the double-standard of whites and I’m bringing this issue mainly because I’m tired of them pointing fingers at our community.  White people need to face the truth about themselves.

White women do strange things and are given a pass.  Yet, Black women are questioned about why some are single?

I’m tired of this and I’m calling white people out.

And Black people still think it’s ok to sleep with, date, and marry these people?