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#Evil white #Racism will NEVER vanish!

Rewind to 1972 and Richard Nixon's "tough on crime" policy.   "Tough on Crime" was not a response to actual crime, but rather part of the GOPs "Southern Strategy." This now tried and true Republican strategy for winning elections does so by mobilizing Southern white voters by playing on their fear of Black beasts. That's why Nixon and other conservative politicians created a whole set of policies that led to the mass incarceration of Black Americans.  As Nixon said:

    "Doubling the conviction rate in this country would do more to cure crime in America than quadrupling the funds for (the) war on poverty."
He said this as a way of winning a national election. What Nixon meant was probably closer to what his former chief of staff, H.R. Haldemann said:
    "...the whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to.”

And so rates of mass incarceration exploded (link is external), quadrupling since 1980. As a result, the US has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. 1 out of every 100 Americans is behind bars. Blacks, who make up only 13% of the population, account for 40% of American prisoners. And developing alongside systems of mass incarceration have been policing and sentencing policies that have consistently dehumanized Black Americans. 
The only thing a white women understands
    About twice a week, or every three or four days, an African American has been killed by a white police officer in the seven years ending in 2012, according to studies of the latest data compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That number is incomplete and likely an undercount, as only a fraction of local police jurisdictions even report such deaths – and those reported are the ones deemed somehow “justifiable”.

Mass incarceration and the resulting policing practices in this country assume Black guilt. But none of this could occur without the racial innocence of Whites. Within the myth of the Black male beast lies the story of the innocent White victim, the delicate Flora running away from the newly freed (and therefore dangerous).

This uniquely American creation myth-- writ not with lightening but a gender binary that marked White women as victims, Black men as dangerous, Black women as excessively sexual and White men as heroic saviors-- planted the seed for everything we are seeing today. And therein lies the real danger for not bringing what feminist theory calls an "intersectional analysis" to the history we are witnessing.