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Enjoy the #Magic of #Prosperity. #attraction

There is an art and a science to prosperity. The art is playing with the magic of prosperity. The science is aligning with the physics of prosperity.

Play at Life! Why does the money run out? Why doesn't passion stay around? Why doesn't health last?
Perhaps because we're not playing. Instead, we're analyzing and strategizing. By not being innocent, open, willing, spontaneous and flexible, we kill the magic of natural prosperity.
Results are important in life. And life works out best when played like a kid's game -- in the spirit of a fun adventure between two best friends. When approached lightly -- not as a deadly serious contest -- life actually responds more readily to our wishes.
 Ride the Pulse of Prosperity
Just like the body's circulatory system, prosperity has a pulse, a rhythm. When we're willing to go along with the pace and pattern of life's changes, we prosper. When we tighten up, hold back, or try to control or micro-manage life's vacillations, we cut ourselves off from life's natural bounty. The magic dies.

Align with Attraction Do you feel stuck? Are you struggling to make life work? Tired of your own soap opera reruns?
Get your life aligned with the Law of Attraction!
Scientists agree with spiritual teachers. Prosperity is simply the natural physics of the universe. Science calls it the Law of Quantum Physics. Metaphysics calls it the Law of Spiritual Attraction. Like energy attracts like energy. Like vibration attracts like vibration. Like qualities attract like qualities. This is Instant Karma in all its beauty and fierce justice.

Scientifically speaking, all physical matter in life is pulsating electromagnetic energy that undulates in a wave motion -- and thus, naturally connects with those aspects of life that are on that same wavelength.