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#Transexual: #Feminization Has Become A Popular #Lifestyle

When a person consciously tries to become more feminine, it is usually referred to as feminization. Depending on the use, it can have several definitions. In biology, feminization is described as a natural process which occurs in most species of animals. It has been known that some fish can become female when there are no females in their group. The feminization process that occurs here is for evolutionary purposes.

On the other hand, the term feminization has increasingly become a popular lifestyle. A person may choose to change from being male to female behaviorally, physically and even emotionally. The process of feminization would help this person’s transformation easily. It can be easily done by adopting the female’s attitude and physical appearance. Basically, there are many types of feminization. But the most popular are Forced Feminization and Hypnotic Feminization.

As the term suggests, forced feminization is forcing someone to become feminine. This situation can usually be observed in female dominance. A male would be forced to wear women’s clothing and ordered how to speak and behave by another, more dominant person. Although the male would show some signs of reluctance, they usually feel more aroused and desirable. In this type of feminization, the male may be caned or spanked as a form of punishment for not being submissive. Forced feminization can usually be observed in prisons, where sexual slavery is common.

On the other hand, hypnotic feminization is a transformation from being a male to female using the so-called power of suggestion. This type is usually practiced voluntarily with the ultimate goal of experiencing a particular fantasy. When a male individual undergoes hypnotic feminization, he would feel, act and think like a female. There are also some cases when the male sees his body in the mirror with female parts, such as the female genitals and the breasts.

The conservative members of the society have always frowned upon practices such as this. Although it is ultimately a personal choice, it can be perceived as wrong or immoral. Many argue that people who enjoy feminization must be mentally unbalanced and require professional help. There are individuals who will go to such lengths to complete the feminization process, which would even involve surgery. These persons are called transsexuals, since they have literally changed their genitalia to become females. Cross-dressing is also another popular way for males to become more feminine, usually dressing up and behaving like real females.