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Anal Toys
The first accurate confirmation of the use of anal sex toys in history is seen in the Greek culture. However, this isn’t astounding because the Greeks were always open when it came to sexuality. Back then, men would purchase dildos for their wives as sex toys when they went away battling in wars throughout that period.
Besides the fact that the men gave their women olisbos (Greek word for dildos) to solace forlornness, they additionally utilized them for various purposes. For example, they would use them in homosexual acts because the olisibo could act as the prostate organ and provide them with the pleasure they needed. These dildos fulfilled the numerous men and women with these anal sex toy products.

Anal Toys And Lube

In history the first indication of lube being used with these anal sex toys was something you’ve probably never thought of: olive oil. Olive oil was used to lubricate dildos so they easily penetrate the ass in a smoother and less painful way. Olive oil was the start of different variety of lubes, particularly oil-based lube.
The next thing big invention in the history of anal sex toys was the penis extension. The products were used to improve Gay love by making the man’s cock bigger than it actually is. The objects were first found in the Indian book Kama Sutra. These anal sex toys made their path across the globe to make butt sex better for everyone.
 After the birth of Christianity, anal sex toys were seen as sinful. This period in history made dildos and other anal sex products stowed away and secret. At brothels you had to pay to receive sexual favors given with these anal sex toys. Brothels made leather prevalent since they discovered calfskin to be the best material for Anal Toys in the middle Ages. It’s still used to this day because people still find it to be a turn on. Types of bondage were discovered in brothels later in the 18th century.

In 1844, rubber slid its way into the making of Anal Toys because it was stronger. This resulted to softer anal sex toys and the great invention of condoms.
Fifteen years after this, vibrators were made as therapeutic instruments to cure ladies of delirium. They were also used by people without diseases for sexual pleasure. Vibrators went from movies into millions of anuses. After vibrators were deemed inappropriate for delirium, they brought back different other anal sex toys, for example the anal probe and butt plugs.

Male or female a nice round butt makes for good old fashion anal play!