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#Masturbate, #Female Style: Steps To Having #Orgasms. #Erotica

  Spend a couple of weeks exploring a number of different techniques. Try two to four strokes each time you practice, and compare and contrast them to each other. Try different speeds and different levels of pressure. Start building a list in your head of the techniques that make you feel the most pleasure.
Specific Techniques To Try
So let’s get down to the real nitty-gritty. How exactly are you supposed to touch yourself? Below I’ve compiled a list of strokes to try.

  •     Try a diagonal stroke. Imagine that there’s a clock over your clitoris, with the 12 closer to your anus, and the 6 closer to your belly button. Stroke from 1 to 7 if you’re a righty, or 11 to 5 if you’re a lefty.
  •     Use one finger to run circles around your clitoris, without touching it directly.
  •     Try rubbing your clitoris with one finger, two fingers, three fingers, four fingers, and your entire hand.
  •     Using two fingers, place one on each side of your clitoris. Rub up and down. You can also try side to side.
  •     Tap your clitoris with one or two fingers.
  •     Use the lightest possible touch to gently flick over your clitoris with one finger.
  •     Keep your underwear on (you can also try this with a rougher fabric like jeans) and rub your clitoris through the fabric.
  •     Pull your outer labia together and rub your clitoris through the folds of skin.

Extra Credit
Here are a few other experiments to try:

  •     Use lube to help your fingers glide over your clitoris more easily.
  •     Try masturbating in different positions. Some women like being on their stomachs. Others like being fully outstretched.
  •     Stimulate your clitoris with other objects. You can try grinding against pillows, or positioning yourself under the faucet in the bathtub.
  •     Try holding your breath for short periods of time as you masturbate.
  •     Engage your muscles as you masturbate. Separately, try tightening your toes, fingers, and abs. Then try tightening all of them at once. Try squeezing and holding your PC muscles too.

Find Your Favorites

Bring Orgasm Into The Picture

After a few weeks of experimentation, start seeing if you can reach orgasm. Give yourself 30-40 minute blocks of time so you don’t feel rushed. Take your time getting your entire body warmed up with light, feathery touches. Tease yourself a bit.

Next, try running through a couple of different strokes and pick the two that feel best in that particular moment. Use one stroke for about three minutes, then switch to the other for three minutes. Keep switching back and forth until you notice that one of the strokes feels better than the other. Stick with that stroke for the remainder of your session.

Try going a little harder and faster with that same stroke. You’ll probably notice your level of pleasure ebb and flow. Don’t analyze what’s happening - just keep your focus on the sensation in your body. Up the speed and pressure a little more, and see if you can let yourself go over the edge. It may take longer than you expect, so keep going until it stops feeling good.

Don’t expect to reach orgasm the first time, and don’t be disappointed if you don’t. It takes a number of tries for most women. Keep trying to get yourself get a little further each time. More than anything, remember to enjoy the process!