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#Diabetics: Blood Tests Need Monitoring Constantly. #diabetic #Insulin

This is very dangerous. Let’s think about this logically for just a minute. If you are taking medications that are supposed to heal the body from diabetes, then wouldn’t it make sense that you monitor the blood tests more regularly?
In my opinion the answer to that question is YES! You must monitor your bio-chemistry about every 45 days to make sure things are going in the right direction. To make sure that the body is healing and moving in the right direction. To make sure adjustments to therapy are being made when necessary.
Most of my diabetic patients were lucky if they were being evaluated by their doctors once per year before they started seeing me.
Is Your Doctor Doing Everything Possible For Your Condition Leaving No Stone Unturned?

If you answer “No” then it is likely your doctor is a road block
to you reclaiming your health and living a life that you
deserve. At the very least he or she is leaving stones unturned.
Don’t get me wrong it’s not that your doctor is intentionally
holding back information; it’s more likely that he or she does
not have the information that I have.

1.Does your doctor spend enough time with you to answer all of your questions and concerns?
2.Has your doctor provided you with a written treatment plan with clear goals, objectives, and bench marks that can be measured?
3.Has your doctor given you specific dietary guidelines to follow?
4.Has your doctor given you a specific exercise program that ensures you are burning fat instead of sugar?
5.Has your doctor given you a specific exercise program that ensures you are burning fat instead of sugar?
6. Has your doctor ever ordered an adrenal stress index for you?
7. Has your doctor ever done a comprehensive digestive stool analysis on you?
8. Has your doctor ever ordered a COMPLETE thyroid panel for you?
9. If you are male have you ever been evaluated for Andropause?
1O.lf you are female has your doctor ever ordered an expanded female hormone panel?
11.If you are female and post-menopausal has your doctor ever assessed your risk factors for developing uterine or breast cancer?
12.Has your doctor ever specifically checked for anemia or other blood disorders.
If you answered No to any or all of these questions then there is a good chance that your diabetes is not being managed properly. You deserve better!!

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