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Hairstyles for sissys and Transgender Women. Tgirl transsexual

Do you want to look younger, prettier, and more feminine? If so, try changing your hairstyle! There’s no easier way to improve your appearance.
The secret is to choose a hairstyle that helps soften strong facial features (like a prominent nose or jaw) while making your eyes and lips POP! Your hair should also be in proportion with your overall body size.
Here are 6 of the best hairstyles for crossdressers and transgender women. (These work whether you wear a wig or style your own natural hair!)

1. Side swept bangs

Candis Cayne, Transgender Actress
Bangs are a great option since they draw attention to your eyes while hiding a prominent brow ridge. Bangs also make you look cute and youthful! Straight bangs can highlight angular facial features, so go for soft, side swept bangs instead.

2. Layers

Jenna Talackova, Model and Miss Universe Canada’s First Transgendered Contestant
Layered hairstyles tend to be much more flattering than hair that’s all one length. Face framing layers soften your features and add texture and volume to your hair.

3. Soft waves

Laverne Cox, Transgender Actress and Activist
Soft waves are super sexy and feminine. Waves also add volume to your hair, making thin hair appear fuller. Most crossdressers and transgender women look great with full, wavy hair that balances out strong facial features and a larger body frame.

4. Shoulder length hair

Caitlyn Jenner, Transgender Celebrity
Shoulder length hair is the best option for most women, including transgender women. Hair that’s too long drags down your face and looks “old Barbie” after a certain age, while hair that’s too short can look masculine. Shoulder length hair is very feminine and help conceal a strong jaw and thick neck.

5. Side parts

Carmen Carrera, Transgender Model and Actress
Middle parts can be tricky since they make your face look longer and highlight your nose and chin. Side parts are more flattering and can be worn by anybody with any face shape.

6. Highlights

Ines Rau, Transgender Model
Finally, don’t forget about color! Highlights brighten your face and look softer than a single block of color. There are lots of options besides blonde highlights – women with dark hair look fantastic with light brunette or auburn highlights.
Make everyday a good hair day!
Nothing can boost your appearance like a fabulous hairstyle. As you can see from the tips above, the key is to think SOFT – soft cuts, soft texture, and soft color – to balance and feminize your features.
What’s your take on this topic? Are you happy with your hair or is it time for a change? Share your thoughts and show off a photo of your hairstyle in the comments below!

Femininity Guide For Trans Women

Trans Women
Trans Women are unapologetically fashion conscious; they have an insatiable desire to look more feminine. Just like cisgender women, they always want to look younger and prettier. If you visit any Transgender Dating Site, you will be surprised and awed by the number of feminine beauties looking for love. However, after the sex reassignment surgery, many transgender women find themselves at the end of their wits on how to look more feminine. It is important for transsexual women to understand that clothes, cosmetics, and accessories are not the only aspects of femininity, as femininity encompasses more than physical appearance. If you are a transsexual woman and you are struggling with your femininity, this article offers you an insightful guide to help you express your womanliness to the fullest.

Understand Femininity

Unfortunately, even though transsexual women have a womanly gender inclination, they were not brought up as women. As a result, when they are “reborn” after the sex reassignment surgery, they can face some challenges as they learn to embrace their femininity. The first step towards embracing femaleness should be having a firm grasp on what it means to be female. This involves reading and researching about femininity and, if needed, hiring a femininity coach.

Being female is as much mental as it is physical. The way you think, therefore, is the cornerstone of being feminine. If you think you are sexy, then you should walk and talk as though you are the goddess of femininity. Understanding that femaleness is both a state of mind and a physical state is a key factor in unlocking your feminine nature.

Your Voice and Movement

Some of the main areas that transgender woman should concentrate on improving are how they move and talk. First, it is important to analyze your current movements and identify any areas that are overtly manly and abrupt. A woman is supposed to be gentle in her movements; she should be polished, graceful, and decorous.

 All of these traits should be readily apparent to everyone the moment you walk into a room. How you sit down and carry yourself should be in line with your feminine side. When seated, for example, your legs should never be apart; they should be neatly closed together and tucked under you.

If you have a course, deep voice, it is important that you train it to be more feminine. Several sources can help you develop a feminine voice, including magazines and YouTube videos. Practice makes perfect; hence, ensure that you practice daily. If possible, practice with a friend who is willing to offer you honest, constructive feedback. The more you talk and move like a woman, the more your confidence will soar in your new body.


Trans Women

Just like the old song says, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” To be more feminine, you need to know how to smile like a woman. A smile not only brightens up your face, but it also makes you look friendlier and more welcoming, traits both associated with femininity and womanly charm.

Carry a Handbag

Many transgender women avoid carrying a handbag because they do not know what to put inside it. Purses and bags are both practical and important for daily life as well as a fashion accessory for women. Some must-have products to pack in your handbag include the following: deodorant, a compact mirror, hand sanitizer, some lip products, cash, a notebook, and a pen.