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#Transgender Post-op ability to climax? #tranny #sissy #transsexual

Transgender Post-op ability to climax

I have heard so many tales with this.

From people who wish they had not had this done to people suggesting they are writhing in pleasure to those that are writhing in agony A lot of transpeople also maybe dishonest about their ability to climax, as the true picture may make them appear less of a woman or even a turnoff to a partner sexwise - and we get into that familiar world of 'faking it'. 
And may even feel foolish saying it to their surgeon - "you idiot what have you done!" 

What is this new orgasm? - how do you even know you have had one? The clitoris is created using the top of the glans and relocating it - very few men can get an orgasm by prodding that before the op, it needs violent rubbing. So is the orgasm in the mind? Most men will say they know exactly where it is and it aint there ;) How do post op trans women masturbate? 

This new anatomy is often numb painful, sore, itchy, dilation is a chore rather than a pleasure, the prostate shrinks so there can be some myths about that delivering anything. There are then the stories of people suggesting nothing actually happens for months and months (even years) then all of a sudden wow! What is the truth? What is your story? Be honest! A lot depends on your ability to orgasm as a male of course (in the case of the MTF here), but using that as your benchmark, is this really an orgasm now or an itch you cannot scratch :(? Especially considering the drop in libido hormones cause. 

What is the true face of the transsexual climax?

#Transwoman #Tgirl: The early days. #Transsexual #transgender

Just a little story

I started dressing when I was 5 or 6. I used to wear my moms panty hose and heels. I just love the feel of the silkyness of the hose against my skin..And loved the way walking in high heels felt. My mom suspected something when she went to put on a pair of heels and there were none in her closet.

She found them all under my bed..."Stupid kid" LOL. I continued to wear her clothes,gradually expanding to her panties,bras and dresses. I just loved the way wearing womens clothes made me feel..When I went to visit and stayover my grandparents Id sneak into my grandmothers rooms and go thru their stuff.

My dads mother had this amazing bodyshaper I just loved.

It had shoulder straps and came down to an opened crotch with garter straps....I would have it and thi high stockings on the entire time I was there. I just loved looking at myself in the mirror.....As I got older and started going over friends houses I started looking thru their moms stuff...

There was nothing like finding sexy panties and lingerie...Id always try something on....And once I got caught...But my friends father didnt let on he knew till awhile later when I went to see if my friend was home...Thats how I got introduced to the wonderful art of oral sex. 

But that's another story......KISSES