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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Complications in Type 1 and Type 2 #Diabetes- #diabetics

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readers have been asking me how can they excerise when there meds make them tired? I will put up the streching excersices again. Very low impact, just to get you strated. Also park far from any store you visited. You can get in some good walking.
I am here to give practial advice on managing, controlling and possible reversing diabetes. At the very best stop the progression of this insidious disease.
Yours in Health, Angelbea.

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The long-term effects of improperly managed diabetes on your body and internal organs
can be very serious.  The different complications range from eye to heart problems and in
severe cases can cause premature death.

Heart disease is the leading cause of deaths in diabetics.  The best way to prevent damage
to your heart is to follow your diabetic meal plan and participate in some form of physical
activity every day.  By quitting smoking you can decrease the chances of developing any
heart problems later on in life.  Eating a diet low in saturated fats will promote good heart
health and a normal blood pressure too.

If blood sugar levels are not controlled they can lead to serious eye and sight problems
including blindness.  High glucose in your systems will make small veins in your eyes
start to bleed.  A regular check-up with an ophthalmologist to check for any signs of
damage is recommended once per year.  To prevent this, keep your blood sugars under

Kidney failure is most common in diabetics who do not control their blood sugars for
extended periods of time.  When the kidneys fail they are no longer able to clean the
blood.  After kidney failure the only two options for treatment are dialysis (you are
hooked up to a machine that cleans your blood) or a kidney transplant.

Diabetics should take extra care of their gums and teeth as they are more susceptible to
gingivitis and other gum disease.  A semi-annual check up at the dentist with a regular
brushing and flossing routine will help to prevent this disease and the potential loss of
your teeth.

All of these complications can be avoided or lessened by the proper management of your
diabetes.  By following the guidelines set for you by your doctor and checking your blood
sugars daily you can lead a long and healthy life with diabetes.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#Diabetes, #Sex And #Women

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This blog has information that can help you in the present, not some far away future.
The exercise and diet can be easily incorporated into to your daily routine, without disruption.
 Today we will will discuss: Sex, Women and Diabetes
  Diabetes and female sexual dysfunction (FSD) tends to get less coverage than male sexual dysfunction but studies have found that the prevalence in women could be as much an issue for women as men.

Sexual dysfunction in women can affect sexual desire and arousal and can also lead to pain during sex.
How diabetes can affect sex for women

Sex can affect women in the following ways:

    Vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina) often caused by yeast infections
    Cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) often a result of a urinary tract infection
    Trouble with vaginal lubrication
    Difficulty with arousal of the clitoris
    Pain during sex
    Difficulty achieving orgasm
    Psychological effects

Causes of female sexual dysfunction

Vascular damage (damage to blood vessels) can affect blood supply to the vagina and clitoris which can cause problems with dryness and arousal. Neuropathy (nerve damage) can have a similar effect in that it can reduce sensitivity.

Diabetes can also lead to low oestrogen levels which can also affect lubrication of the vagina.

However, it does not affect your ability to become pregnant.

Psychological reasons can be a common cause of sexual dysfunction in women and can affect relationships.

Diabetes no doubt makes life harder and this can affect one’s sex life in a number of ways including stress, self-image and through to depression.
 Treatments for female sexual dysfunction

If the issues are related to psychological issues then you may benefit from sexual and relationship therapy.